ONECENT Daily Report - Profits Update Since HF21 & Free Upvote - Day 65 of 200

29일 전

Firstly, the numbers: our total value is currently about 1646 STEEM (+3 STEEM), including 664 STEEM within Steem Engine and a total of 15203 tokens in play. This gives ONECENT an ABV of about 10.83 STEEM cents (0.1083 STEEM), slightly up on yesterday.

As progress seems to be a tad slow, thought it was time to do one of our reviews of progress made every 10 days.

On Day 55 the ABV was 0.1069 and today, Day 65, we're at 0.1083. That's an increase of 0.0014, or +1.31%; expressed as an APR that comes to +47.8%.

If we look further back to Day 45, the ABV was 0.1026 STEEM. The 20-day profit is thus +0.0057, or +5.56%, and equivalent to +101.4% APR! Day 45 was the 25th August and thus just two days before HF21.

The 10-day ABV between Day 45 and Day 55 is +0.0043 STEEM, or +4.2% and an APR of +153.0%!

Sure, APRs can look astonishing, but ONECENT lasts 200 days, or over half a year, so the calculations are valid.

We need to be properly clear of the 7-day payout cycle of the problems that beset HF21/HF22 in order to get a clearer picture. Even though I removed some of our "lost days" from our official Day count, the effect so far is unmistakable.

The promised increase in curation rewards has, as I predicted, not materialised because so many post rewards are around 50-70% of what they were before. So doubling the curation rewards on a post worth half the value just means being back where we were.

There are two things that can be done, not just for ONECENT but also for any Steemian. One is to increase the incoming votes, such as with MAPXV and MAXUV; we hold those already but need to stock up on MAPX. The second thing is to increase the weight of our out-going votes; fewer but higher value votes tend to bring in more curation rewards.

let's see what this will look like in another 10 days to two weeks.

Have a fine day!

Now, to some prizes!

I shall give one 10% vote per day to a random account that appears on the Steem Engine Block Explorer.

That random player will also be added to our automatic-voter (if not already there).

So, our winner today is... @cryptopie!


I hope you find the game interesting. Please post any questions or, better still, if you write any articles on the ONECENT experience, feel free to post a link in a comment.

Till tomorrow!

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