Can you generate video game revenue? [ENG ]

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Many people dedicate hours to video games just for fun, but they do not know that these same games can help you generate extra income with real currency, doing what you like and from the comfort of your home.

The information age has generated new professionals, markets and many opportunities to earn money without the need to move to an office, but the most incredible thing for many is that playing online you can generate income in different currencies, the reality is that in This time being a gamer is not just an activity of leisure and fun, it is a well paid profession in many cases, video games are not only fun is a profession and many are also considered as electronic sports.

Without further ado we are going to interesting, I have organized a small list of some sites where you can earn money playing, I must also tell you that most of these games have their rules and regulations, although you can earn good extra money, but neither It is a method for you to become a millionaire from one day to the next


league of legeds.png





World of Warcraft (WOW)



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As I could also mention in your article in Spanish, you are absolutely right, excellent post, I have several friends who are professionally dedicated to playing video games and have a monthly payment of $ 25 living from Venezuela with just playing a couple hours, although clearly for this You need a great dedication.

In another order of ideas, that list is very short with the large number of games with which you can generate income, there are others, such as "Cs go", "Minecraft", "Clash of clans", "Clash Royale" " Gears of wars "" Starcraft "," Rocket league "," Overwatch "and many more, practically almost any game that has a certain number of players and is online.

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As I mention in the article in Spanish, I say it again. It's a good alternative as you say to generate extra money, but how lucrative it can be, (and I'm not talking about becoming a millionaire) here I mean the cost value of the time you spend playing the game and the money that is generated by that time. Is it worth ? ... Of course some have made this a profession of it ..... but the common one that needs an extra entrance of money ... will be profitable ????