Hardest hero to control! Fanny Gameplay by UbayGaming Mobile legend bang bang #7

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Hellow stemian. Welcome back to UbayGaming. The gaming author and someday will be a streamer all of game. I as always review my game play. It just for you to know about the information about mobile legend or just funny to watch it. You know i always repeat that i will be a pro player in this game. My target about this game is to get 100 mhytic. Right now my ranked is legend one star two. I get my bad day today. I just really need to focus next game i think. So why I am losing the game because I try new hero in my ranked. Hehe, don't try this to your game because you will lose to like me.

Last game i try to build cho carry build in my ranked and i got the conclusion that chou is not good to be carry, he is good in tank, so next time if you want to pick chou you need to build tank. Not only chou i try any heroes that I'm not usually pick. So i have lose streak about ten times in ranked hehe. But it's good i think so i can play with my brother. My brother rank is epic right now. You know playing with brother it's very fun because you have got angry and you can easy to communicate with you.

So right now i make new id to train hero fanny. I very like this hero because it's so hurt and so hard to kill him because he can run. But, using fanny is not easy like we imagine. You need to training more and more. So that's why i make new account to train my hero.

Fanny is assassin hero in mobile legend. He has an incredible skills in that game. This hero is hard to control if you are beginner to use this hero. You need to train more and more. Fanny is strongest hero in beginning of game. His skills make enemies killed instantly. He is one of annoying hero and he is hard to kill. If you fight against fanny one by one in same lane i think you will lose because you cannot kill him. He can easyly run. The skills was so damn hurt. But there are some hero to counter that hero.

There are some heroes to counter fanny, there are saber, aurora, nana, akai and alucard.

Saber is assassin hero. In the beginning of the game spam your skill one to harras fanny, makes his low. Don't be scare because you are saber. If you use saber you can run easily by using skill 2 of saber. Then if you fight against him you just need to stay to near of tower. Use your skill Ultimate and let your the tower hit fanny and you will easy win the game. Don't forget to use spell stun.

Aurora is mage hero in mobile legend l. This hero is to countered fanny. Aurora can stun fanny in one point five seconds. Than you need to finish him quickly.

Nana is support hero in mobile legend. You can stun fanny by using skill two than combo with his ultimate. Make he stunned twice than finish him quickly.

Akai is tank hero in mobile legend. The ultimate skill can stop fanny. You need to bring him to near of walls than he cannot move or use his skills. He just stack in near of walls.

Alucard is fighter hero. If you are fighting against fanny. You need to farm fast and if you have ultimate skill you have lifesteal. Don't ever scare if you have ultimate skill. Fight him because your hit make you gain some extra HP.

Digger is mage hero. His skills two so annoying make yoour move back to same place that marked. Combo hin with skill one so that he got stunned.

These are fanny skills.


  1. Air superiority
    This skill make your skill two combo woth your skill one. This is the hurt one i think because you can use skill one one again to finish enemy. Not only that you can recovery your mana if your skill to hit them. But if you miss it you will lose your mana

  2. turnado strike
    In the beginning of the game you can use skill one to kill minion jungle fastly but if you want to fight against enemy you need to save your skill because it cost a lot of mana.

  3. Steel cable
    Third skill of fanny is to throwing the cable. You can throw the cable to the wall, tower and turret. If you want to fast farming you can use your cable to go to another place that have minion. If you want to fight with enemy you need to aim the enemy correctly because you will wasted your man. But if you hit him you can recover your mana because your passive skill.

  4. cut throat
    Ultimate skill is so hurt. Because it takes damages about... The skill of ultimate hunt the target. So they cannot run. I think if you want to fight one by one you can use ultimate. But if you fight again two people or more you need to care your mana. Because it takes a lot of mana.

My item build
Sustained DPS

  1. First item
    You need to buy this item. If you kill junggle minion you will receive extra experience and extra damage to minion.

  2. Bloodlust axe
    This item can receive your HP about 25% after you using the skill then you need to hit him with your skill.

  3. rose gold meteor
    This item is very important. You need it to absord the damage about 500-1500 if your hp low about 40%.

  4. demonds advent
    This item make you more tank. Because it has 4% reduce damage. It stack for 4 times.

  5. Immortality
    You need to have this item because it has reincarnation. You can live twice. If you live again after you dead you can absord any damage about 500-1500.

  6. Blade of despair
    You need this item to make your damage hurt. It has attack damage and attack speed.

Game play

In the beginning of the game you need to kill minnion junggle that has buff. Because fanny very need the buff. It reduces mana cost about 20% so make fanny easy to use all his skill. If he doesn't consume buff it will cost a lot of mana. then you need to farming fast. After your blood lust item ready you can fight with all enemies. Because you will receive some HP if your skill hit them. If you want to fighting make sure that you are under near walls. So you can easy spam your skill 2 to kill the enemies instantly.if you have next item you need to be more confident because you are so tank right now. Go fight to any enemies kill him but dont forget to aim correctly.

Dont forget to use physical embem and spell retribution.

Ok gaess. I think this is enough from me to introduce you about fanny heroes and the Gameplay. I hole you enjoy it. Follow me to watch next game play.

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Remind me a lot of LOL. Ur telling me there is a mobile moba as well. Awesome

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