Climbing animation for our retro game

3년 전

In a few levels like the cave or the final level we make use of ladders. Like in Alex Kidd the screens are connected in a number of ways, so there's mostly more than one way out of a screen than simply always walking to the right.
We needed a climbing animation of our main character - the ominous sourceress. Here it is. One or two frames more than the enemy sprites of late 😁

If you are wondering why this sprite doesn't have a higher fidelity, it's because there's all sorts of restrictions when doing a ROM hack. In particular with Alex Kidd in Miracle World the climbing animation reuses tiles in the different animation frames. That's why for example I could not alter the hood from one frame to another.

Welp, that's one of the drawbacks of doing a ROM hack. That's a price we are willing to pay though, as we got lots of other things for free in return.



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I like this, it's really cool!


Thank you very much :)

interesting dev process. i like how you're saving resources 👍


Thanks! Yeah, it's not only nice to do, but also a necessity with 30yo hardware :)


i was wondering why you'd go that far, but for 30yo stuff it makes perfect sense. back when every byte mattered in gaming 😺


That's exactly right 😄

Awesome result, restriction can be a great strengh. Trying to workaround ourself at narrowing down the scope to get the best result possible!
Looking foward to your project


I think so too. It really gets you creative.
Cool, I will definitely post something about the game in the next weeks and give a more general introduction to Steemians :)

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