#184 Ledge Grab Update (Part1) - Unity Tutorial

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Ledge Grab Update (Part1) - Unity Tutorial
GameDev Course by Roundbeargames

The previous version of the ledge grab had the boxcollider off in the beginning of the animation and then teleport back to the player at the end. It made it easy to setup the animation but harder to update physics.

This version of ledge grab has the boxcollider on for the whole time. Instead of moving the character through an animation, we now move the boxcollider. The animation and the character stays with the boxcollider. It'll take more time to fine-tune but I think it fits in better with the rest of the gameplay.

The next couple of videos will be entirely about fine-tuning the ledge grab.

Files are available here:

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Tutorial playlist:

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I’m totally behind on comments - and it’s going to get worse because it’s the season to drink coffee - and my roasting schedule is every day all day at the moment!

Trying to keep up with the game dev, always fascinating


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hey man thanks for the coffee! ☕

i hope one day i'll be able to actually go out and buy some coffee with the tokens 😁 👍




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Hey @roundbeargames, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluengel for you. Enjoy it!



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