Escape from Limbo ? logo "the prequel" phaser3 is quite a revelation i say ole'chap

2년 전

short of being able to run sandboxed javascript on steemit (lol please dont cos that would be a total hack-a-tractor imo) i guess a vid on the "we are on it" (when we can)

the base gfx are rendered in blender which is free, by me - probably put up on steam workshop most of it later as the rpg-maker game advances but the actual escape-from-limbo game that would have real items/coins in play to get or lose .. i have an idea but since im basically learning phaser i just keep saying eta nAN because it is, so

i found how to put this way-cool particle stream setting to good use with two bitmaps ...

as said JS Phaser 3 = da shti , but i dont wanna forego appgamekit as i really like the fps on the 3D terrain thing there and i havent really checked Babylon JS other than "sphere(x,y,z,R), colour" but that thing looks great too actually

the main part is in staying sane as i seem to suffer from fuckyoumails (??!?) which is REALLLLY not my style ...

but well

"escape from limbo"-the-logo, THE "prequel" - its not on-site yet and its obviously not finished but this is how tinkering with all those methods and object and attributes and whatnot in the official docs can get ideas just by fiddling

i kinda like the soul-stream coming out of the prelim-gateway there, maybe in a year i can make miyazaki look at me (haHAAA lol snookums)

did you know, precious (so i hear ...) Elon Musk started his career as ...

a nerdy gamedev ?

and spacex used to have a cardboard version of Justin Bieber to face the guy who made the biggest mistake that week (talk about motivation having that one staring atcha all day at work) now now, is that politically correct then ?


dunno dont care but hellafunny ...

if Musk goes for president i might have to apply for a greencard as i think he's one of humanities best chances at this time

the only way is out, every cent spent on space is NOT Lost as resources here are dwindling BUT im SO off-topic now im gonna stop before i have to downvote myself for being off-topic

"escape from limbo" .. all games involving the potential to earn/lose items or goldmanmorgancoin(age) that can stick in a "players" inventory on-site will very likely be turnbased as i dont really see how i could do anything that simulates realtime unless i have a zound of money for a dedicated server and even if i did at this very moment, my skills would be inadequate or too rusty at best to make sound programming ...

XCOM or Homam is one thing, a dark souls duel another (i also seriously lack the funds for a smoking hot character and mob-design girlfriends department as i would be VERY sexist and hire only women

HAHAH snookums ... and then some ...

gud ...

on it... when time and clarity permits
i suppose the minigames or whatever spins off of dabbling around in phaser and its companions might get a try at #steemgg if they're playable standalone since it will all be online i assume it will all be html/css/php/javascript

i mean who the hell does java anymore and more so, WHY would anyone do java anymore ...

to protect the clientside code you say ?

dunno, precious, if a game is THAT succesful its gonna be hacked ...people run private WOWservers ... i cant remember blizzard opensourcing it and

if its not that succesful

then it really doesnt matter does it

i hope i'll be able to have fun with it mostly

and as long as i dont put money IN it i cant lose money FROM it (that said most of the steem i have is still bought atm but that has nothing to do with the game ..)

my short HERESAVIDEO post

... im SO great at making short posts i could kisss mysellf

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