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the tiles used in the current how-to-make-it-work version i actually already had , i did them for something with platfinity, made with svg, they're actually "coded" graphics, not drawn

how to is described in this post from nine months ago :

this post , superveganboy level 1 - rise from the quantum foam supersteemboy, yea, right

now as we are #linux , ofcourse we don't need adobe or expensive shti to make that into tiles, i was digging around and came out where i should have started : imagemagick

if you use the montage option :

render the tiles first from the svg code, put them in a folder (as .png or not as .png, that is not really the question but a choice if you wanna convert that first for whatever reason, alpha or something i dont know) - if you want an order name them properly like 0.png , 1.png , .... 566.png or something), right click in the folder and "open terminal" (im always talking linux mint as thats my preferred flavor for a long time now, although i might switch from mint cinnamon to mint xfce if my hardware keeps being NOT upgraded into the present)

then just use :
montage * -geometry 64x64 output.png

and bob's your uncle ..., or maybe Alice is your aunt, sssaaaa ....

you can rtfm as in the link provided

montage * -geometry 64x64+2+2 output.png will get you borders between the tiles if for any reason you would want that

id say DONT because every pixel is more data to be loaded and your program doesnt care wether it has a border between or not as long as the tiles are nice 'n equal or you have a variable size option in whatever or however you use it

this is by FAR the fastest way i found to do that

combined with MORE FREE STUFF LIKE TILED you got yourself some powerful tools right there, if not close to ALL-powerful for the needs you need to map a map like that, imagemagick is (pardon my french) THE SHTI and , well, you can check Til-ed for yourself (or not)

if you DO make a game or any application using it, and it nets you a few hundred, please dont forget to support the people there with what little you think is appropriate for what they gained you. If you dont make a cent, well ...

then its free, after all

limbo / @tyrzone.tin00 basically HAS the SP i want to tryout for the scale i want to tryout and whatever i want to tryout so i dont really NEED these posts for this.account but well

i just know utopian will give me a 200 dollar upvote because im so nice

yea, right FUCK THOSE RULES MATE ...

(rules ... tsch ... what next ? rules to music ? rules to art ? ... o wait, scrap that, never mind...)

if you use the tiles , please download them and dont use them from my cloudinary, thanks

if you use the svg code then please do :)

if you feel the need to mention me when you do, then by all means, do ..

i also accept million dollar cheques btw ....


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