@tyrnannoght On it, yes, speedup? no ...

2년 전

it will happen when it happens

rendertime ? 4 hours ... for the animation ... about 4 minutes for the "concept-art" makeover ... yea that's FOUR hours - so if a picture is a thousand words i wrote a bible this week i guess

yea, four hours for a 2 second animation with only 2 shaders and 2 lights ... YUP , indeed, my thoughts exactly, precious, when is steem rising to me buying an octa-Xeon rig ?

this week ? next week ?


the thing is ... "stuff" can fall off from whatever it can be used for into rpg maker / phaser / appgamekit games


as i have no roadmap or plan and am asking for no ones money in advance (and frankly if its up to me it will be free to play by votes on @goldmanmorgan for quite a while after the start but that's a vulnerability thanks to the system here and steemnazis , and your average "i cant stand you never failing to know what to write" type of troll or simply the non-creative "THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD DO IT" troll ...

that said - i have no intention of quitting, thing is if certain bits get raped im gonna be developping a game no one can play since no one will have playcoin

Screenshot from 2019-03-31 08-40-23.png

wouldnt that be funny ....

"escape from limbo" in the rpg maker should be playable afaik on the /tyrtest subfolder on the site - i checked it several times myself its ... it requires some patience as if you were playing an old c64 game where you dont have unlimited respawns and mid level saves - its probably quite a challenge on a phone but i dont use dirty words like "beta" or "early access"

since i dont ask money anyway -.... that said i DO still intend to get an SMT-token that can be used to pay for playturns and rolling player characters and ingame currency , but LATER, eta : nAn

the first actual bit of the game involving in-game items will be turnbased and from all i can think of a cross between

.. something and something , dixit quote jack vance on authors

and all that - if you want to read on bitcoin being worth a quarter million i suggest the trending section for more dopamine

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