STEEMBots - A Month and a Half till the Select User Demo.

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Well its now February and we are hard at work (in our free time) to get Allonian Seed up to demo quality. In this demo you will start the game where the short narrative by @bflanagin left off. (read here) The newly created robot needing to find its place in our world without being detected by the gigantic creatures that live in the Apartment. In this setting the mundane becomes treacherous. As you scrabble in and out of the light to stay hidden.


For scale and as mentioned in other posts along with the game and all its glory we print out models of our bots for reference, and because they're cute. Phil shown in the picture above stands at the same height as the bots in the game will. Large enough to affect the world around them in meaningful ways, but small enough to be mistaken for toys.

Screenshot from 20190124 112031.png

Demo Features


  • Strong narrative feel as you explore and listen in on the apartments tenants.
  • Stealth / Spy game mechanics where you are either successful or caught.
  • Dynamic Environment


  • First parts generated from STEEM post
  • Login System for existing STEEM users


  • Ambient sounds and soundtrack
  • Voice acting

Peek 20190122 1933.gif

If you want to find out more about Allonian Seed there are some links below, and as always follow @bflanagin and @v-entertainment to keep up with all the in and outs of my projects.


Allonian Seed is (or will be) a Metroid Prime + Monster Rancher inspired bot building game built around the STEEM blockchain and ecosystem. If you want to find out more about the project or how you can help check out our fundition page here. We are looking to fund a year's worth of development and if all goes well the on boarding of a few more talented individuals.

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I am looking forward to the demo, more Steem games yay =)
And I like the cute look of Phil

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Look so like a cool concept. You’ve put a lot of work in designing the bots. Am I correct in think these are virtual bots but you can download thie plans to print out ?


That's the idea. As you play the game (which requires you to write posts if you want to get new in-game parts) you'll unlock the files needed to print them. That way everyone's collection should be more personalized. We're also aiming for articulating parts (legs, heads), so that they're more like toys than figurines, but that might be more of a full release feature as I've not been happy with the durability of the joints to date.