Join a Game of Storytelling - Trying out something new

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I was playing a game of storytelling a couple of nights back and had a real blast with my friends because the story became more and more crazy and intense as the time went by. The more we got used to the storytelling the more we experienced our creativity getting better and we were able to improvise more freely.

Before I go into what I would like to see this post evolve into, let me explain what the game of storytelling is, just in case you've never heard of it.

- What is the Game of Storytelling?

During a game of storytelling, you usually sit together with friends in a comfy place. A scenario is then chosen and one of the group begins the story with a couple of sentences. Another one can then pick up on the story and continue the storytelling game.

- My Thoughts on this Game in Steemit

I thought that this could be just as fun or even better if you could play the game here on Steemit. The community is already very large so there could be a much bigger diversity in creative ideas than what me and my friends were able to come up with. On top of that, the way Steemit is built, you most likely would want to add a good segment to the story for upvotes.

- The Setup & Rules

I'm going to give a scenario and you can start the story off by posting a comment. Other people can then reply with a next segment to the story or if they think they can start the story off with a better beginning, they can start a new comment.

I will update this post two to three times a day with the most upvoted thread of comments and this thread will become the "official" thread that should be continued with further segments.

If the rules don't seem to work or you have better Ideas to improve this concept, we could of course change the rules up a bit while we're going.

This might become a really fun way to engage with the community and have a good time together.I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

Scenario: Job Interview

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So there I was with my hand on the door handle about to enter the room for the most intriguing interview in my life. Do I need to rethink this move? Was I sure this could be the best new direction for my career? Did I even care if this was a ‘career move,’ rather than just that this company’s mission and business model feeds my passion for change? I’d been waiting for a message from them for 2 months after meeting a fascinating woman at the before-party launch event for the new cryptocurrency IffyCoin. It had been generating public controversy in the weeks leading up to the launch and has simply flown up the 0-->1 scale since then. And it’s not like she had promised me an interview, though she did encourage me twice to apply after hearing of my background and interests. There was something in the way she had said it that drew my curiosity. I wonder who else they are interviewing for this dynamic position? The opportunity to work both for this company and with her on this new project was just something I couldn’t let pass by, regardless of the unorthodox job description. So I just turned the handle and gave it a try!

Confident nerves steadied me as I opened the door and entered the room. “What on Earth was I getting myself into?” I thought, as the blindfold was removed. Then I saw them seated in front of me with a play clock and scoreboard on the table and took a seat in the open chair. She was there too as an observer in the corner behind the interviewers…


...But something was odd with the entire situation, although I couldn't really tell what it was. The scoreboard laying on the table was just the one I had imagined during all my preparations I did beforehand. The woman even wore the same feathered war bonnet as the day I first met her. A beautiful bonnet with black and white feathers. Some of the feathers even had a red tint on their tips that matched the ornate, red velvet around her forehead.

"What was I even thinking?" So much preparation went into this moment, yet I still couldn't keep my thoughts strait. I had to concentrate on what my grandmother told me to do. She herself had served a lifelong career in this business and taught me everything I had to know. "Fuck the guy with the pointy ears up, first." She always told me. She didn't seem to be very fond of the guy with the pointy ears. Although she promised that this would be my only way to success.

Suddenly the girl with the war bonnet started tapping with her fingers on her knee. I couldn't control my attention. My thoughts were flooded again with her beautiful bonnet. It was beautiful and the red tips matched the velvet perfectly...