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Way to go @martinmcfly

All Hail the King of the Iron Throne Contest!

Live long. Steem on.


The King of the Nor... uuhh.. Iron Throne Contest! :D

well done @martinmcfly!
and ofc big ups to @themarkymark! and all the other contributors: @ngc, @yabapmatt, @nicnas, @bil.prag, @geekgirl, @bethalea n @followbtcnews!
take care!


Thanks buddy!

Nice one @martinmcfly and thanks to the generous sponsors.


Thanks mate!

@martinmcfly, Congratulations and enjoy your Steem journey.

@themarkymark, Keep up and hope that more exciting contests will come up in near future. Stay blessed.

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Thank you!

Congrats @martinmcfly. May the lord of the steem guide your way, for the markets are red and full of losses.


Thanks, I'm sure the market will change positively.

Holy cow. I should have joined this, because I said almost the same thing as the winning entry. Though I said it more as a joke so maybe I wouldn't have submitted that haha. Congrats to the winner!

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Wow. That is a HUGE prize! Congrats @martinmcfly

It was a bit disappointing he missed it was a very good series with high quality chapters

:D Thanks for organizing this contest Marky! It was fun to see us all guessing - the winner must have been one of the writers of the final season :P

Again, thanks, and also to all the awesome sponsors - can't wait for a serious contender of GoT because I'm still having withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks for the contest and work you put into it. And thanks to the STEEM contributors too!


I can only say thanks for this, thanks @themarkymark you are the best! and thanks also to the great contributors: thanks @ngc, thanks @yabapmatt, thanks @nicnas, thanks @bil.prag, thanks @geekgirl, thanks @bethalea, thanks @followbtcnews, all of you are fantastic and generous.

Congratulations to each participant, all of you did very well, the season was unpredictable, things did not happen as many expected. I 've been very lucky.