The First Revenue Generating Steem Engine Token + Buy Back Coming + Steemslotgames/Freedomex Added!

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Hello PORT fans! we are going mighty well over at PORT Headquarters! We are pleased to announce we are slowly bringin in a tiny bit of profit and will be going on a big marketing push to get more referrals signed up along with adding new services. We hope to bring in one whale who can turn over 5,000 - 10,000 steem in rewards.

Buy Back Approaching:

As we stated in our introduction post that once our referral system kicked in profits we'd start the buying back orders up to 90% of revenue will go into buying back PORT off the market. While the amounts we are earning are small to start with we feel we are getting closer to do buy backs of PORT. So stay tune for it. If you want to get in on getting some profits buy some PORT tokens on the Steem-engine marketplace.

What do we do with dApps who earn a native token like GAMER token KRYPTOGames offers ?


As you can see we've made 2.15 Gamer Tokens via referrals so far. So how do we plan Luckily, we can exchange this out through the we believe in the future. We'll be checking in on this. Epic Dice will have their own native token all of it will either sold on the market, or given in giveaways to our stake holders. More to come on this.

We are on Token Town Discord!

Come on in to Token Town Discord! I'll be giving up 10 PORT tokens if you drop on it.

How to get FREE Port Tokens?

It is as simple as signing up to the following dApps w/ the following link and you'll earn 100 PORT tokens!

Drug Wars

Steem Monster

Magic Dice

Epic Dice

Steem Ninja



Where to buy PORT tokens?

You can buy Port Tokens on the Steem Engine .


We are going to tokenize referral signups for Steem dApps & outside Steem.

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I am a big believer in PORT tokens potential. As for GAMER and EPIC and other divendend paying tokens, you should hold those tokens and distribute the dividends generated. Continue to expand the raw asset base of not only referred account network but also tokens that serve to increase the value of PORT!


Thanks! yes, we have to prove how it works to people and it will click for them.

As for GAMER and EPIC and other divendend paying tokens, you should hold those tokens and distribute the dividends generated.

Yes, many ways to squeeze out their value and give back to our stakeholders. That is the idea. We are looking forward to even getting outside Steem at some point. Thanks for the support!

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