Gran Turismo Sport’ review

3년 전

Racing games are often defined by automotive idolatry. The vehicles they realize are dreams – the cars most aspire fans to own, but will never be able to afford. With that comes a reverence for the spectacle, the pomp, and the ceremony around driving the most elite and exclusive cars to run through your digital play-tracks. Each game offers a different flavor of that experience, of course, from the celebratory jubilance of Forza Horizon 3, to the muted authenticity of Project CARS. Even within the series, Gran Turismo has drifted across that spectrum. Standouts like the Moon rover in 2013’s Gran Turismo 6 set alongside Gran Turismo 4‘s dignified approach to driving etiquette and vehicle damage prove as much. With Gran Turismo Sport, though, developer Polyphony digital has moved in a radically different direction.

Gran Turismo Sport’ revels in realistic racing rather than crazy car collections

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