Introducing @Mardax - The Gaming Graphic Design Hero, and Gamers United Member

2년 전

We've been in desperate need of a great graphic designer for quite some time now.

A total rebrand was absolutely needed, as we are growing quite rapidly, and many of our members wanted to use a great looking logo on their DLive streams and other posts.

Finding a graphic designer that was up to the task, however, wasn't as easy as expected.

I spent a few weeks asking around, and while many seemed eager, few were able to meet the requirements or timelines that we really needed.

Gamers United - Mardax Rebrand.png

Then came the hero that saved the day - enter @Mardax, champion of GU's Graphic Design (and all other gamers) branding needs!

@Mardax agreed to help us rebrand completely - creating a new logo in a variety of colors, image border frames, our profile header banner, and even footer promotional banners!


In return, we agreed that we'd make him our official graphic designer for the group - which would entitle any Gamers United active, full member, with discounts on their branding and design needs!

Gamers United - Mardax Rebrand 2.png

His designs are unique, eye-catching, and frankly impressive. We are extremely pleased with the work he produced for the group, so much so that I even have him working on my own personal stuff (@getslothyy rebrand time!)

Here's some of his previous work, just for example:



He really does an incredible job on his DLive stream thumbnails - they all seem so unique and capture your attention immediately. It's no wonder his posts are already earning him an easy $25+ per stream!




@Mardax has agreed to this pricing chart for @GamersUnited active, full members only - he'll also take on outside work, but at a higher rate (it pays to be an active, engaged member here ;)

#1 Logo + banner = 20 SBD
#2 Logo + banner + signature = 25 SBD
#3 Logo + banner + signature (x picture counts) + avatar if other than logo + Image frames (2) = 32SBD

Non-member pricing is also available by contacting @Mardax directly - his work is worth every penny and will help you, as a gamer, earn a LOT more!

We truly want to thank @Mardax again for his hard work and dedication to not only Gamers United, but to his work ethic and how easy he was to work with. He took feedback extremely well, tweaked the designs as required, and delivered the results lightning-fast. He's got the +1 from @GamersUnited for life, that's for sure!

Way to go, @Mardax - and enjoy your new channel on our Discord server! ;)

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Man, I've loved Mardax designs since he first entered GU. I'll definitely hook me up with some of his great designs if I need it but damn, I really like what he does and how he does it. He deserves every inch of reward he gets! Congrats @mardax my dude!


Thank you very much :D I appreciate that :D

Upvoted and resteemed! When I have earned more SBD I will be in need of some graphics :D Nice job


You are welcome to ask me when you are ready :D

Love love love your designs bro - cannot WAIT to see what you're gonna whip up for me/Slothyy :D

Congrats on the new role, bro - you definitely earned it!


Don't worry I will do my best :D

Yo, this is really cool for #GAMERSUNITED. RESPECT


Thank you :D Let's build Gu together :D


YO, I am currently working on some ideas for promotions/sponsorship. How would #GAMERSUNITED feel about being a sponsor of my show, or getting an ad created I will play on air? Hit me up, lets work.


DM me sometime bro - we'll chat. Not sure what we could do financially, but i'm sure we could think of something that's mutually beneficial and a good use of time. ;)


I can help but I don't make decision for entire GU xD


Yeah, I get it. Like I said just kicking around ideas. I will holler at the other guys over there. I am interested in graphics/logos as well. RESPECT

Thanks for this article and thank you for being welcome to me so much :D I'm happy when somebody is happy of my work :D


Well, you've been an amazing team player so far and we couldn't be happier to have you around. So it's a mutual happiness here! :D

Keep on being awesome brother - hopefully this brings you some work! Be sure to share this with your followers, too - the more, the merrier :)

That's amazing!! I can make my own graphic designs but they take too much patience . These days I rather write. I think I'm better at writing anyway~

I'm a member of #steemgc, but this is the first time I hear about #gamersunited, will join Discord group now.


We're really happy to have you here! We don't like poaching and would never poach a member, but we love SteemGC as well and many of our members are in there as well - so it's great that people are so open to being a part of two awesome initiatives.

Looking forward to your content! :D