Return Of The Text Based RPG?

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I have big doubts about wether or not it would be doable as a business or in pretty much any way generate a serious (livable) revenue, but the idea of this type of game through text messaging has a lot of appeal!

Each segment before you type your action is not overly large, a decent fun little adventure could be played out a couple hundred characters at a time.

I don't know why it appeals to me. If it were available to me, I am not terribly sure I would play it that often... but I would sometimes. It being a "modern twist on a classic" would also mean that I could always pick up right where I left off. No launching a program or opening an app. Just scroll up to get caught back up and reply with my next directive. Maybe somehow a bit more open world?

Anyhow, I like the idea, what do you think? Be super curious what people thought about it. Again I can't imagine doing it as anything more than a hobby...... just seems like it would be fun... at least once in awhile.

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I would enjoy it once in a while. Also it is interesting a game like this could be done on the blockchain


I thought that as well... just letting thoughts spill out here :) Thank you


@lordnigel is doing exactly this. He's just run his 6th tournament. Good fun :)

Hey mate. Look at @lordnigel's interactive battle tournaments.
He's incorporated bots for simple rolls, and players help write the story.
Really fun. Get involved :)


I will definitely check that out, thanks for the point in a right direction!

I think that there is definitely a certain demographic that would love to take a shot at this and with right advertising, there should be some nice earnings possible with this.

Could also see this as an smartphone app.


I was wondering the same, just curious if going solely text based how advertising would work...... would want to stay true to the genre ya know? Thanks for comment.

There's a bunch of mobile games that follow this initiative, dressed up with pretty graphics.

Essentially, choose your own adventure stories.

I definitely think these types of games are in need of a renewal!


I have seen some, just wondered if would still have an audience without any of the graphics..... strip down the graphics and go for a great story instead.....

Text based RPG indeed. It's so funny and to me, it's cool. I'd play it!


Great to hear! Thanks.


You're welcome

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