Dark Souls funny mode - Tower Princess I've come for you!

2년 전

The wicked lizards imprisoned the princess, and you were given the glorious task of freeing her from the filthy hands of darkness! So take your sword and armor from this pile of bodies of your fallen predecessors and maybe this time it will work!

This is the outline of Tower Princess I've come for you! In the available demo we start in the vestibule of the dragon castle where the knights captured the beachhead. Unfortunately, the honor forbids them to attack the castle with a whole group, so they send one daredevil each, until one of them is worthy and does not die falling into the abyss, pierced with spears or guards' blades.

Immediately after leaving the hub, we hit the first traps and learn the mechanic. Platform elements are at a balanced level and can cause problems, but no pixel precision is required. The situation with opponents is different, as long as lizards are banal, so enchanted knights, by the way, resembling Artorias in the Abyss of Dark Souls, can easily kill us. This is all the more important because in the case of such games, their quality is evidenced by the diversity of their enemies. In the 15-minute demo I played so far there were only 4 types, but in the final version we can certainly count on much more.

Graphically, Tower Princess I've come for you! refers to the Dark Souls series. Cartoon graphics look as if they were taken alive from the world of From Software. The music is quite good and complements the atmosphere of the game well. The whole thing resembles a few years old game: Orcs Must Die!

I wonder what the difficulty level will look like. There are many save points in the demo, where we are reborn in case of death. This contradicts the idea of rouglike, and I hope they will be removed or at least limited. It is also worth mentioning the princess mechanics. Rescuing her does not end her mission, because we still have to escape with her. Luckily, the game does not turn into an escort and the princess will teleport to us after the stage is finished.

In general, it is quite an interesting position which is certainly worth observing. The project is still young, and the developers have announced a lot of functionality such as cooperation mode. Is it worth to submit a pre-order? This question can never be answered correctly. I think, however, that it is definitely worth to check the demo game available on Gamejolt for free


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Greetings, @gameeit

Its look like a great game. I liked the graphics

thank you and have a good night!!

big pile of bodys..lol so many questions can you drag them or...just so many in the small room lol..looks cool dark soles are a bit to dark ehem the name yes.
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