Once again, we're flying into space - EarthX

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For many years, astronomical companies have amazed us with new ideas and patents that aim to conquer space even more effectively. We see similar behaviour even in the video game industry! We're talking about EarthX. It is a great developed game, and every now and then we receive new updates to improve the gameplay, fix bugs or introduce new mechanisms or rockets. The goal remains the same - to start a company on a space scale! How to do it? With just a few million dollars we have to start with a company sending rockets into space. It is connected with the construction of objects such as research points or hangars. There will be jobs for scientists and...searching for happiness. Because not every mission will be success.

The last update numbered 0.2.3 has introduced a completely new system for rockets. Testing the game I was positively surprised, the production drew me even more!
Apart from this extensive implementation, new models of rockets and their animations were introduced to the game. The durability and quality of the construction of the rockets were added. Game optimization, interface and "Thanos Issue" fixed. - who's gonna guess what it is?
I cordially encourage you to try the latest version of EarthX!

It is worth mentioning that EarthX plans to grow as fast as our space company! This summer, the production will come to the Steam platform. Ohohoho, then the game will really launch into space. Link available here.

Home page of the game: EarthX

Photos: itch.io

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Looks awesome!

Pity there's no Linux version though :(

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