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Battle Royale is new game genre that combines survival and shooting. The name comes from novel by Kōshun Takami, in which high school students are sent to the island by the Japanese government and force to kill each other.
The controversial novel was huge success, so much so that the full-length film and manga were made. This inspired PlayerUnknown to create the game: "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", which became an instant bestseller.

The other companies tried hard to tear out a piece of cake, creating more or less successful games and modifications like Counter Strike's "Threat Zone", Fortnite or Battlefield 5 Firestorm. However, indie developers have also started their work, which resulted in the game is a simple 2D browser game in which, as the name suggests - we have to survive. We land on an island with some small settlements. Our aim is to get to them, loot them in search of weapons, medicine, armor, any useful thing for killing other players.

In order to make it more difficult, the "radiation zone" decreases from time to time, at the beginning it is large, but the space for manoeuvre is quickly limited. While you are in the zone (marked red), your life bar is slowly falling down, so you can't win just by camping.

Game modes has 3 main modes:

  • Play Solo - here we are thrown to fight with almost a hundred other people. Of course everyone has the same goal, so it makes the task a little easier and we just shoot at everything that moves, but also everyone shoots at us.

  • Squad game - a mode where players create small squads of 2 to 4 people and try to eliminate each other. So the winner is not just one person, but the whole team. Important modification is that the player's character does not die immediately, his companion can revive him in a limited time.

  • A 50v50 game is a kind of mode that is rather unusual in other games. Two huge teams are fighting each other and both have the same goal - to eliminate the other. It is important to mention that in this mode some people get special character classes:

  1. The leader, who can summon a missile drop (one time), has a good weapon arsenal and an 8x zoom on the start.
  2. The medic, his healing powers work on a small area, so he can treat multiple people in the surrounding area.
    (3) A lieutenant who is a heavily equipped soldier on the start.

Is there a lot of people playing this game?

There are between 400 and 4000 players on European servers. There are also other servers, but they are rather empty.

Does the game have disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that the game is browser-based. It is nice and works, but it will consume much more resources than a game run as app, it can also cause problems on integrated graphics chipsets.

The game is available on the website:

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