Start of this project!

2년 전

This is the start of this "Squad" (Icy Dead Squad.). You can call it a Indie communety and there are going too come short clips from gaming, pictures, Short film and mutch more.
We want to give a voice and show of other people's talent's and work. Right now there are most of the poeple we know and can speak to. But we hope to collaborate with other creators over the internet, so just message us if you want.

So I hope you enjoy our content

First up, here are are Skvadz with some of his first video's of OverWatch from some time ago.

There are more on the way now, on his youtube channel.

Here are some pictures from BirdyEZ
Old man, witing on the bus.
Light's out

There are going to come more of these photo's too, and on some other stockphoto website (more Info on that later)

(PS: just tell us what you want to see in the future on our content, and what we can do better with our work. Love to hear from you guy's)
Love from us in IDS!

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Dere trenger bedre grammatikk og oppsett it teksten deres. Ellers så ser jeg ingen grunn til at dette ikke kan funke.