Video Games And Cryptocurrency: A Match Made In Heaven

2년 전
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I don't think that crypto is primarily for gaming. But crypto and gaming do go together like peas and carrots.

So here's the deal carrots go great with peas but they are also great with other things… like cake! I think crypto will go great with video games and in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the gaming community adopts it first. However, that does not limit crypto either.

Why Will Crypto Be Great for Gaming?

Gamers are already buying digital assets so they might as well benefit from it. With cryptocurrency you can:

  • Take an item you earned in one game, sell it and then buy a new item in a different game.
  • Sell different video game items to other people and turn the crypto into fiat currency.
  • Many games require you to purchase items by using fiat currency which usually results in players having left over money “left in the game" instead this money could be applied to a different game.
  • Maintain video game assets in a decentralized way that will keep them safe from hackers and server errors.
    This is a completely different model for video games and it will be interesting to see how people like it. Personally, I think many people will enjoy video games as a new economic system.
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