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Good evening everyone. Today I would like to share a logical puzzle that I had some difficulty on but thought I would share because it was a question that really made me think. This was inspired by @jaki01 in a way because he shares chess puzzles. Even though this is not a chess puzzle, it still is an interesting question to take a look at. So here it is below

A museum curator is arranging seven photographs- Fence, Gardenias, Hibiscus, Irises, Katydid, Lotus and Magnolia- on a gallery wall in accordance with the photographer's requirements. The photographs are to be hung along the wall in a row, in seven positions sequentially numbered from first to seventh. The photographer's requirements are as follows:

Gardenias must be immediately before Katydid
Hibiscus must be somewhere before Katydid but cannot be the first photograph
Irises and Lotus must be next to one another
Magnolia must be one of the first three photographs
Fence must be either first or seventh*

Which one of the following, if substituted for the condition that Hibiscus must be hung somewhere before Katydid but cannot be the first photograph, would have the same effect in determining the arrangement of the photographs?
A. If Fence is seventh, Hibiscus is second
B. Gardenias is somewhere after Hibiscus, and either Fence or Magnolia is first.
C. Hibiscus must be somewhere between the first and sixth photographs
D. Unlike Hibiscus is second, it must be somewhere between Magnolia and Gardenias
E. Katydid is somewhere after Hibiscus, which must be somewhere after Fence

See if you can solve this puzzle! It took me a while and is difficult but maybe you're more sharp than I am.

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