Langdows Cay - A 5e RPG Tabletop Location

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Langdows Cay is a small island far in the waters of The Wasteful Waves. A few hundred years ago the island was used as a prison and the prisoners were left on the island with no food or supplies. Those that survived began to make a life on the island and centuries later an entire town rests there. However, this island is virtually untouched by the outside world. They know nothing of the mainland since their ancestors risked death if they tried to leave the island. In order to protect their families, the original "settlers" taught their offspring that anyone outside of the island was evil and must be avoided.

Langdows Cay Island.png

The island inhabitants take turns patrolling the island. Everyone is assigned to a specific area so that there is someone watching the sea from all sides of the island.

Smoke braziers are strategically placed around the island so that everyone can be alerted to danger.
If a smoke brazier is lit, it alerts all other braziers to be lit as well. The islanders know that this means they must immediately get into their homes and into their hiding places to avoid contact with outsiders.

The Sheriff of Langdows Cay is Pikar Appleblossom, a very high strung halfling male. He is in charge of keeping the peace among the islanders.

Inn/Tavern - The Silent Rooster
Ran by a 156 year old male rock gnome named Histix Gamop Calser Dorrug.

  • He is bald.
  • He is blind in his left eye.
  • He is 4'2" tall.
  • Blind in his left eye.
  • Rarely speaks.
  • Keeps a very precise journal.
  • Considers everyone else to be an idiot.
  • He has always written with a piece of coal and has never seen a pen so they astound him.

The tavern is a plaster two-story building, with large windows and a pillared curved-roof entryway. It contains stuffed roosters hanging from the ceiling and cured meats and cheeses on shelves behind the bar.

Histix's Plea: Local girls have been going missing from the tavern and no one can find them. There have been three gone missing so far. Everyone is starting to think he has something to do with it, but he has no idea what is happening. Find the girls and he will accommodate you for free (food, drink, rooms) forever.

Hiding Place: The Silent Rooster has a second basement that is set up for residents and staff to hide out in if the security braziers are lit. The entrance to it can be found by pulling on a specific rooster that is hanging from the ceiling. A hatch in front of the fireplace will open.

Blacksmith - The Thorny Rose
Rose Avery is the island blacksmith. She is a human woman that is about 35 years old.

  • She has long straight auburn hair that she keeps in a braid down her back at all times.
  • She has brown eyes.
  • One of her eyebrows is missing and the skin there has a severe burn scar.
  • She has an even temper and cannot be coaxed into anger or intimidated.
  • She is courageous to a fault and often tries to avoid hiding when the braziers are lit so that she can protect the islanders if necessary.

Rose's Rumor: Everyone in town is buying daggers from her because there is a rumor going around that a shark with legs was walking the southern beaches on the other side of the grove.

Hiding Place: The entire building is made of stone and fortified with metal bars. When a lever is pushed the windows close and bars drop down locking into the windowsills. The large anvils in the center of the building move on tracks and place themselves behind the large stone doors making them impossible to open from the outside. It becomes a impregnable fortress and islanders will try to make it there before the building is locked down because it is the most secure location on the island.

General Store - Father's Market
A tiefling named Confidence runs Father's Market. He is not a father nor does he ever want to be a father. His father named the market and that's how everyone knows it so he isn't changing the name.

  • Confidence has a tribal tattoo across his chest.
  • He is a bit of a coward which everyone suspects is the real reason he won't rename the general store since his father died. He is afraid of his mother.
  • He is slightly paranoid and startles easily. He is always looking around like he is afraid of someone or something.
  • He is pretty sure that he is doing a terrible job with the market and he is petty sure that it is going to go bankrupt because of him.
  • Confidence will change the subject if asked how he acquired the mainland items in his market.

Confidence Makes a Request: The Freeless family ordered some supplies and he needs to bring them over there, but his mother is going to get angry if he leaves the store. She says that customers take advantage of him too much and he needs to put his foot down and make them come into the market to get their supplies. Confidence was wondering if maybe you would deliver the supplies for him?

Hiding Place: The counter in the market looks like a solid log that has been shaped into a beautiful counter top. However, the log i hollow and there is an hidden door to climb into it and wait until the coast is clear.

Alchemist - Cordial Elixir
Ushat Battlefury is a 15 year old female orc alchemist.

  • She has rough pockmarked green skin and is 6'1" tall.
  • She giggles a lot and can be a tad clumsy.
  • She isn't a trained alchemist, but she read about them in books that are on the island and decided that's what she wanted to do. So she is figuring it out as she goes.
  • Ushat gets bored easily and cannot keep a secret.

Ushat Needs Help: She could use some help gathering ingredients for some of the potions she wants to make. She has a list from a book, but she doesn't know what some of them are to be able to find them. She doesn't even know if they are all available n the island.

Hiding Place: Ushat's shop is just an old abandoned house that she took over and fixed up as best she could. It's still a bit ramshackle so the original hiding place which was a secret room with a false wall is now a potions room and the false wall is completely gone. She is just a couple houses down from the blacksmith shop so she does her best to make it over there before the building is secured. She hasn't gotten locked out yet.

Fish Market - Goggle Eye's
Eris Birdiir is a 215 year old female high elf fisherwoman.

  • She is referred to as Goggle Eye by the islanders because she likes to eat the fish eyes while fishing. No one else eats them and she hates for anything to go to waste.
  • She has short wavy gray hair. Her eyes are a brilliant green color and her skin looks golden from all of the sun she gets while fishing.
  • Eris is 6'5" tall and her long and slender frame is more imposing than one might think.
  • She never smiles and if she can grunt instead o using words to communicate that is what she is going to do.
  • She thinks hiding from outsiders is stupid and does it begrudgingly.

Eris Asks a Favor: She wants you to convince the islanders that hiding from the locals is dumb and that it is no longer necessary. She can't give you reasons why she thinks it is safe enough to stop hiding, she just knows she really hates hiding.

Hiding Place: Eris has a secret drawer that pulls out under the fish gutting table. She can fit into it, although it is sort of coffin like and makes her nervous, and then slides the drawer closed with herself inside. She usually just falls asleep in there and one of the island children comes and knocks on the table to let her know it is safe to come out.

Cranberry Acres
This farm is owned by the Amedee family. They have a special flooding system set up using the salt water from the sea to help harvest their cranberries.

  • Human family that consists of a husband, wife, and two children. They employ islanders to help with the farm.
  • Mrs. Amedee is upset because there is an order for six crates of cranberries and one of the crates is now missing. An entire crate of cranberries just disappeared and the order has to be delivered by tomorrow at sunset.

Silver Tree Farm
This farm is owned by the Varil family. They use the ocean to water their fruit trees and it has made the apples turn silver. No one knows how the trees survive the salt water or why it turns the apples silver. They are delicious in pies though.

  • Elven family that is composed of an adult brother and sister. They have been on the island for hundreds of years and remember when it was a place for prisoners.
  • They will not talk about the crime that got them sent to the island.

Freeless House
Halfling family that seems to live quite well. None of them seem to work though....and no one knows where their coin comes from.

Fayanna House
Retired human fighter. He washed up on shore one day half dead and the islanders, while very cautious, could not stand by and watch him die. They nursed him back to health and he has been a part of their community ever since. He helped to set up the brazier system to give the islanders more time to hide.

Truth House
Tiefling woman that hangs out the window of her home yelling at anyone that passes by about "the offerings". She yells that they will all be sorry one day and they best not come crying to her when all hell breaks loose.

Ellisar House
Elven man who's daughter went missing. He doesn't seem too worried about her.

Appleblossom Manor
Home of the sheriff. His halfling wife is a bit uppity due to his position. Ok, so she is a lot uppity.

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