Prospectors: are you earning Crypto while playing games now is your time .

7개월 전

Follow this link and start to play earning Crypto on a daily bases.

Find your plot with resource and start to build and mine way back in the 1800's and be part of the early adopters building their empire as the game moves into the modern age.

Build on your plot to make tools or just mine to earn gold that can be converted into PGL the in game token .

Then there is the market where you can buy and sell your tools and mined minerals that you created with your three workers , a great place to increase your gold holdings.

Exited to start playing here is my link to start right away

Maxdapp has made this you-tube video chatting to Bonz the creator of Prospectors for you too have some inside info how to get started

Some of the in game tools you will need .

Feel free to ask any questions i will gladly assist. Thank you for joining the the new world.

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