#News-10/8/2018: Unraveling Red Dead Redemption 2: what did the first gameplay leave us?

3년 전

The first in-game content of Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived and, after the impact, we analyzed its key points.

Almost two years of that ad trailer that moved us almost to tears, we received the first gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 and goosebumps is almost inevitable. We're not going to lie, the ones that Rockstar showed us seem spectacular and there is so much to look at that we decided to let the first impact go by and analyze it in more detail.

In the images that were revealed to us, there is much that is explicitly stated and many other things that go unnoticed, such as waiting to surprise us when we put our hands on the joystick. For that reason we are going to analyze those key points, what they told us and those winks that perhaps went unnoticed before the most exalted looks.


Action / interaction / consequence

We started by talking about one of the points that most caught our attention in this new advance. It is the new system of interaction with the population that is around us and how we will face the consequences of the choices we make in each situation.

Because there is something that they made very clear and that is that in RDR2 very few characters will be filled, so when crossing people on the street we must decide well. So we see it reflected when a woman claims to Morgan to have murdered his family, so we must think well when killing, attacking or simply let a threat pass.


Taking into account the linearity with which Rockstar normally handles its titles, we dare to highlight this element as a totally revolutionary factor not only for the saga, but also for studio games.

The sheriff is on our heels

We are part of a band in the middle of the decline of the Wild West, at which time crime begins to be paid and we can no longer walk around bank robbing at pleasure. Under that premise is that Red Dead Redemption 2 plants its base and clarifies our panorama: we can not stay still.

For that reason it is that this gameplay makes it clear that we will be moving along with our "family" constantly, with huge carriages loaded with belongings and moving a camp that will not be there for pure decoration.


The members of our band that will live there will be, in general, the ones in charge of providing us with missions at the same time that we provide them with food and other things that they need. This system will only allow us to know well the multiple landscapes and climates that the game poses, but it will also force us to hunt and go in search of other resources. We do not want to be left alone in the world, right?

Combat the umpteenth power

Remember well, the original RDR had an amazing shooting system, with enemies that reacted differently depending on where you hit the shots. In this second part Rockstar will carry all that much, but much further.

Just look at the melee sequences to understand how well done they will be. However, the most important thing happens when we put our finger on the trigger and it is important to clarify that each of the weapons will have the loading system and setbacks that were true at that time.


In addition, we could appreciate how the characters move in a totally realistic way when they are injured in a specific part of the body or when they are killed, either by a shot in the front or in the back. Regarding the Dead Eye we could also see a couple of sequences, but promised to provide much more information about it in future videos.

Welcome again, John Marston

Just to hear "John Marston" and we get excited and see it more and more in the advances is something that makes us very happy. Is that his appearances in this gameplay excite us a lot about what we can do next to that huge protagonist who had the original title.


During the video we can see it on several occasions, but the one that has most attracted our attention is when it runs alongside the protagonist in what seems to be a flight. How much can we share with John? Will we go for drinks with him? Knowing that this is a confirmed function for the game, it makes us very hopeful to imagine situations like that. Rockstar is making it clear that he wants to introduce it roughly in the story.

Our faithful steed

To close this analysis we must talk about another of the elements that we wanted to make clear: the importance of animals. Not only have they been in charge of showing us the variety that there will be in terms of species, but also the utilities that we can give to some of them - such as turning them into food for our camp - as the dangers that others will represent. Everything, following the same patterns of realism that we saw in weapons. An example of this is the deer that rots when we load it too long.

But the most important thing arises when it comes to talking about horses. That means of transport that was so well achieved and was of vital importance in the original delivery, in Red Dead Redemption 2 will return with many more facets and complexities.


In the first place it seems that there will be several species of horses, differentiating which ones are used to load more weight or run faster, among other things. This surely we see it pointed to online later. And secondly, it is clear that we will have a relationship with these animals and that their performance will depend on it and how easy it is to control it.

We want Red Dead Redemption 2

If you got here, you're as hype as we are and you need to read every word about this prequel set in the Wild West. Everything we have been shown is very exciting and we begin to understand why Rockstar takes so much time between games.

For the next few weeks we expect new gameplays, because there are still many things to reveal about RDR2, including an online that should show a better nuance than seen in the original title. We will be attentive and we will bring more analyzes of this style.

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