#News-8/8/2018: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, impressions of the beta

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We finally got our hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and although it was only for the beta, it served us well enough to know what's new Treyarch.

After two relatively lax years, with Infinite Warfare and WWII, Call of Duty aims to raise its head with the fourth installment of one of its most famous saga: Black Ops. And to make sure that things go well have opened the doors to the new cycle with a good early beta, which allowed us to see what this new project is about, which will put all the emphasis on multiplayer, leaving aside the campaign.

Before starting with our impressions we will clarify that it is the analysis of a beta, that is, we will not evaluate or judge details that will surely improve in the face of the final game such as bugs, imbalance in some specific weapons or graphic errors, which should clearly be much more polished next October 12.


Essence powered by new mechanics

In the preview of this delivery many feared for the insertion of the new mechanics that were shown in the different advances. "Call of Duty is going to be like Overwatch," was often heard of those who had doubts about the loss of that essence of "kill kill" that has characterized the saga over the years. Now, once we have tried them, we can say to them with total security: rest assured, everything is in its place.

Is that the insertion of these new mechanics do nothing but enhance all those elements that fans of CoD love. The healing system, which stops being automatic and now we will have to heal by applying an injection, became one of the most successful changes forcing us to use our heads to choose the right moment when we should use it.


Another novelty that we have also liked is the second skill of each specialist. While the primary school is there, having in most cases an offensive and individualistic connotation, there is a secondary one designed more than anything to work in a team and in the ways by objectives.

Finally, even though many of the main elements have been modified and several new ones have been added, we can say that we are facing a full-fledged Call of Duty. The fans of the saga will feel comfortable and with a touch of fresh air more than necessary.

Frantic flush with the floor
A new year in which we get away from the exotrajes and return the feet on the ground. This, even more so when we came from WWII, could make us fear for the loss of that frenetism that we love so much. However, Black Ops 4 welcomes you to a new movement system so fluid that it gets the most frenetic result seen to date.


The unlimited sprint and the ability to slide on the ground are a combination of the most successful, which brings us a rhythm very similar to that seen in Black Ops 3 but without the need to detach ourselves from the earth. This, derived in games that do not allow us or blink, with constant clashes with enemies and the ability to travel the entire map in a matter of seconds.

Maps, weapons and specialists
Three elements that must be analyzed separately and that are key in the conformation of the video game. Beginning with the armament we must say that we find ourselves with the renewal of the most mythical weapons of the Black Ops saga, added to some new ones. The balance is well in general lines, always with some exception circling and we have to make a special mention for the accessories, which seem quite successful. Beyond this, we believe that they should be raised in the face of the final version of the game or perhaps lower life a little so that the Time to Kill is faster.

It should be remembered that in this installment the Pick 10 class creation system returns, which should never have left, by which we can arm our soldier at pleasure. Thanks Treyarch!


Regarding the maps, perhaps it is the least we have conformed in this beta. Although we return to the famous format of three roads that we like so much, we find in its design an excess of recesses that give rise to deaths and deaths that come to us from the back without being able to see them. Something similar to what happened in WWII and how much it bothered. Aesthetically they are fine, yes, although we would like a little more life in their tones and colors that may be somewhat muffled.

Finally we meet the specialists and, having been able to prove 10 of the 12 that will be in total, we have been satisfied and dissatisfied in equal measure. The part that we liked the most was the skills that each one possesses and how useful they were to us. In return, we left a bitter taste the muted designs of each of them, we notice a clear decline from BO3.


Conclusions of the Black Ops 4 beta
Having made a review of the main elements of the game, we have to say that in general lines Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has left us satisfied especially because we find in it the essence of the saga that both fans expect and have also added a series of new mechanics that we think are the most appropriate.

Of course, facing the launch day we hope that many things improve. Among them we can name the power of the weapons -and consequently the Time to Kill-, the design of the maps and, above all, the specialists. And we really have a lot of faith in it, even more after observing a phase of tests in constant maintenance on the part of Treyarch, who has paid a lot of attention to the opinions of the community.

It should be remembered that these impressions are designed based on the first weekend of the beta, on PlayStation 4, so several things could change in the coming weeks.

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