I miss the old days of video games

10개월 전

While I may sound a bit like a grey beard, it is true that I am starting to dislike the way the video game industry is heading. Nowadays, companies are more interested in optimizing a game in order to maximize profits and the rampant usage of MTX and DLC are nothing short of a predatory scheme. DRM like denuvo forces internet connection on offline single player games. The whole industry seems to be now filled with wall street investors, wanting to maximize profit and give zero notice to quality.

I miss the old days when video game industry was not mainstream and companies were forced to produce quality games with no appalling monetization, otherwise the product would simply not sell. Nowadays, the whole industry has expanded so much that it rarely seems to be the main motto of companies. Some companies like Paradox, TakeTwo have designed an extremely anti-consumer DLC model with hundreds of DLC for a single title. Then there are companies such as Ubisoft, Rockstar who are pushing microtransactions everywhere.

Nowadays only a handful big companies care about good games. Only the indie developers actually try to create something creative and non-predatory.

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i miss the old days as well but when these companies get too greedy the industry revolts and then people head over to the good ol' pirate bay to simply steal the game with all DLC unlocked.

If i hear about a game with microtransactions as part of their business model, I stay well away.