Video game streamers are the modern Pinball Wizards

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At first, I watched Twitch and didn't totally get it. Watching people play video games? Today, Twitch and everything around it have evolved.

We now have "celebrity gamers" - the well known Twitch streamers who attract large audiences. Many watch to learn, but I bet most watch to be entertained.

For World of Warcraft, I've watched Asmongold, Sodapoppin', Nixxiom and Towelliee. All 4 have a few things in common - they are excellent communicators, they keep it positive (even a negative video game rant is a positive event in the big scheme of things!), they respect their audience and are aware that they are communicators and entertainers.

Video game streamers are not gangsta rappers. They're not even as mischievous as 70's rock band drummers. Streamers are the good guys and the money they make from their hobby-profession is well earned.

Some of them are very aware of the concept of "content" and even play popular videos while commenting along the way - similar to a "segment" of a TV show. By not "just" playing the game, they are doing themselves and the industry a massive favor - upgrading their profession and skills in rl.

In the 90's, we saw the beginnings of esports, but it didn't quite catch on. Video game competitions were sponsor based, and not gamer based. Better yet, whatever sources of income today's video game streamers have, a lot of it seems to be coming from the audience. That's a great thing.

That streamers make money from their audience gives them massive credibility. They weren't "chosen" by someone on Madison Avenue. They worked their way to the top and built an audience following over the period of years.

Video game streamers are entrepreneurs at heart. When I watch them, I can see they are aware of this and are constantly trying new - and fun - things.

When I started playing WoW in 2007, I couldn't have imagined where we are in 2019 - with video game streamers and YouTubers.

Finally, I love how streamers interact with their audience. They remind me of local radio station DJ's who feed off of their audience in the best of ways. You can't create an intimate hobby experience from The Ed Sullivan Theater!

Twitch streamers are the modern day Pinball Wizards!

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