Grand Theft Auto 5 Streamed to Original Nintendo Game Boy

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When you think of the original Nintendo Game Boy, I am sure you think of blurry puzzle games. While you would be right, for the most part, what would you say to playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on that screen? Before you scream foul, for a myriad of reasons, let me explain how this is possible. Sure, the original Nintendo Game Boy does not have the juice to run GTA 5 on its own, a developer has fixed that. The man behind the Game Boy WiFi cartridge is now showing off how streaming games to the Nintendo Game Boy would look. They started with Grand Theft Auto 5.

Original hardware plus more

As stated already, this is not just the original Nintendo Game Boy making this magic happen. Here, it is using the WiFi cartridge this developer created.

Toss out thoughts that this is something ONE person can play. They have released the schematics and such on their website. That means, if you know how to do it, or are willing to pay someone, you too can have a Game Boy WiFi cartridge.

Other hardware needed for this to work is obviously a method to play the game in question. Since the Nintendo Game Boy is acting more like a controller with a crappy screen here, you need a console or PC to run your game.

Basically, this is streaming over your network.

Not just streaming games

This method allows anything you can view on your original hardware to be viewed on your Nintendo Game Boy.

The developer shows off a bit. A small portion of The Matrix, some YouTube surfing, etc, before showing off Grand Theft Auto 5.

Obviously, image quality takes a hit. A severe hit.

Also, controls are limited to what the Nintendo Game Boy have available. Graphics are another hit. Considering the screen is only capable of limited resolution.

Also, I believe there is no sound with this cartridge method. It was simply not something the developer could implement. It may be included in a future revision of the cartridge if there is one.

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