Sharing an AWESOME underrated game that saved my happiness!

7개월 전

All year I’ve gotten so sad from early access games, delays and other disappointments that seem to be the norm in the game world right now.
If you are anything like me you haven’t been truly excited like you were during the time that WoW and GW came out.
Games these days are all about high quality loot, way too easy to gain skills and honestly teamwork like it used to be has been completely eradicated.
Gamers with REAL skill just don’t matter anymore, anyone just puts a bunch of skillpoints into something and boom they got something OP.

But somewhere in the world. A single dev makes a game in which teamwork is very much desired. He brings back what gamers like me love: FUN!
Upon first entering his world I wasn’t too sure about the looks of it but man, after a few steps into this world I was sold!


A strange nostalgic feeling set in, I saw clans chatting and planning out gathering trips. I saw buildings, structures, heck whole villages being built!!!
There was a guy walking with a chicken… what..?
This game called SamuTale is an open-world sandbox survival MMORPG in which you can freely build wherever you want.
You’ll need to farm, fish, hunt in order to survive.

Unlike other games you won’t be able to whack a bear dead with a couple blows and is still quite a challenge with a very good sword.
My god… do FUN games like these still exist?
It is a full loot PvP, like a true one not a weak version of it. Despite being a PvP the community is very awesome and friendly.

As my sparkling eyes drew me further into the game I visited all kinds of different biomes with different plants and animals. I started my village base, built a house, crafting stations and a little farm. The crafting system is detailed but not complicated, it just plays very well.


After doing some research on the game itself I found out it is still in development but during my 100h+ I haven’t encountered any bug. It is just a very solid game. The sneakpeaks of content that is to be added soon contribute to my unprecedented excitement.

As a gamer, like an old school one, I wanted to share this experience with you.
We know to appreciate a game by it’s “fun factor” (it’s the reason 8-bit games are also still around).
If you want to give it a try, head over to their website (
There is a free trial going on till October 15th.

Who knows, maybe we’ll meet!

Note: this is written on behalf of a dear friend. Every cent of this article goes to him.
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