[GameXCoin] Introduction to GXC Partner — XLGAMES

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Hello, this is GameXCoin.
Today’s partner is XLGames.

XL Games is a company specialized in MMORPG, founded by CEO Song Jae-kyung, a co-founder of Nexon, and who developed the Kingdom of the Wind and Lineage.

ArcheAge, one of the majors works of XL Games, has been loved by users for nearly a decade with high degrees of freedom in game. ArcheAge started its public service in 2013 and won the Korea Game Award that year. In addition, it was ranked among the top five games in Japan in the early days of Japanese release, and was known to have accumulated revenue worth more than $15 million in Russia.

XLGames is also developing a mobile game based on Nam Hee-sung’s popular fantasy novel, ‘The Moonlight Sculptor.’ The game is a highly anticipated piece by many gamers, with investment of $10 million from Kakao Games and Wemade Entertainment each.

GameXCoin is always working with our partners to create a better blockchain game ecosystem.
I’ll try to make good results.

Thank you.

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