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Watch Dogs 2

I wonder if any of you could remember the movie Hackers, I think it was one of the first ever movies that Angelina Jolie ever starred in.

Well, you most definitely will if you were part of those who grew up like me in the early nineties, with things like Nirvana, game arcades and no social media. It was a much more simpler time, the internet was like a brand new baby. I remember having to wait a few minutes and that all too familiar sound your computer would make when it connected. Many of us grew up with the internet and this brought a whole new world of opportunities with it, good and bad. This gave rise to the infamous hacker, those who were able to break into networks and do either good or bad things.

Getting back to the movie, this was one of the first films that came out about the very secretive world of hackers. It gained quite a cult following and probably inspired many to become hackers. The hacker community is pretty much split into two sides, the Black Hats and the White Hats, those who hack to steal and those who hack for good. Now what is to be considered right and wrong is very much dependent on your world view. Watch Dogs 2 is like being thrown into the deep end of the hacker world, and to me it felt very much like a continuation of a story I began a very long time ago.

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This is the sequel to the 2014 game Watch Dogs, in which we got to know Aiden Pearce, a hacker who gets involved with some rather shady characters when a bank hacking job goes wrong, and his identity is exposed.

He then has to get his family to safety before returning to Chicago a year later. Aiden then meets up with an underground hacking group known as DedSec, who are in the process of fighting a war against the ctOS operating system. This system is used by everyone and holds every detail imaginable on everyone, DedSec plans to infect this operating system with a virus to bring it to the ground.

Watch Dogs 2 follows everything that happens in Chicago. The next city to adopt and install the ctOS is San Francisco, where we meet our protagonist Hacker Marcus Holloway. He is identified by the new operating system as a person of interest, which constantly gets him into trouble with the authorities. He comes to the conclusion how dangerous the ctOS system actually is, and how it can be used against the masses by those who control it.

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Watch Dogs 2 is a great improvement from the previous game, and the developers definitely paid attention to what the fans wanted changed.

The one big issue I had with the first game and probably the reason I didn't finish it was the main character Aiden, who was pretty boring, and the entire motivation and reasoning was just revenge. If you read the previous post on the new God of War, you would know there is a good way of making a story about revenge and then there's the first Watch Dogs game. The new main character Marcus has much more depth and his personal philosophy for going down the vigilante path is far more relate-able. Although I do think there were some great improvements, it seems the writers just have a hard time in general with characters. The obnoxious DedSec hacker gang really annoyed me, it was like the cast of a high school movie got together to like hack stuff.

I really hate bringing out the negative aspects of the game first, but there were some ideological issues I had with the game which let me down a little bit. Marcus is an ordinary guy who notices the start of an Orwellian style surveillance state, and his motivation is to stop the misuse of everyone's personal information, but at the same time he is killing people. It would have been so much better if Marcus stuck more to Batman's ethics code. Running around killing people in the name of keeping their information safe just made it kind of unbelievable.

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"In my neighborhood, you stood up or you got beat down...So I stood up. I ran with an ugly crowd. Learned how to fight. How to shoot. I paid for it too. I took the hits so my family wouldn't have to. Mom always said we escaped Dad when we left him back in Belfast. She only wanted peace for us and he was always fighting for something. She saw that fire in me, too. She said her sweet little boy was gone - I'd turned into Dad. That should have stung, but it didn't. I was proud to hear it." - Aiden Pearce

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Now for what I did like, the huge open world play is amazing and I felt like I might actually be in San Francisco, not that I've ever been there.

I basically tried playing the game my own way and trying to kill as little as possible and relied mostly on stealth. The hacking had an amazing upgrade and is far more versatile than before. When you hack an object there are now several different options rather than just a basic hack, like doors that can be opened and locked. I would have loved to see some more difficulty in hacking random people's bank accounts, walking by and just clicking your phone to hack their bank account felt rather too easy. One of my personal favorite abilities was planting fake evidence on someone and then calling the cops, a very easy way in helping you take some enemies down.

I would probably recommend you to play this, it was very enjoyable, but the question is would I recommend you to buy it? Probably not. Wait until you can get it for a good deal or maybe when it is on special somewhere, or even hopefully a free game on the PlayStation Plus. Oh wait, it's Ubisoft, not much of their games are ever available for free.

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Watch Dogs 2 is an action-adventure game developed by the very nice people who also made most, if not all of the Assassins Creed series, no other than Ubisoft Montreal.

The game was released in November of 2016, and is the sequel to 2014's Watch Dogs. What was really interesting was that actual real life hackers were consulted to validate scripts and game mechanics for authenticity. Let's hope they didn't add any dodgy code to game that wipes your bank account, good thing I played this on console. As always the game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

I'll give Watch Dogs 2 rating of 7/10

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In case you missed it, here is the previous game review

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.


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Hi @morkrock. Great work! As always!

I will say my opinion because I played this game before ... I'll start with the main thing in Watch Dogs 2 it is interesting to play because the missions are diverse, and you can go through them in several ways. It is also interesting that for the whole game you can never shoot.

Very well shown virtual San Francisco, the city has something to take and easy to admire. This application is supported by the application on the phone. In general, the game has a lot of content. These are gadgets and elements of a boom culture. And everything is very good, but there is a claim to the heroes, for me it is unclear why the developers think that the young people want to personify themselves with freaks.

The game is interesting but it does not reveal its characters, the paradox turns out to be more serious, after the breaking of small offices against us already media giants, the FBI, hackers influence the elections. But they remain the same "mocked" clowns without clear motivation. And finally, the game shows the right reaction to the violation of personal freedoms and how serious technologies already affect our lives. This makes you think about the fundamental rights of people and it's cool.

In general, I liked the game and I liked your review! Good job, thank you


great your comment,,,iagree with you...

Awesome survey, thank you for sharing. Guard dogs 2 unquestionably appears like a fun amusement, the designs are stunning and the setting not very distant later on (the Chinese government for instance appears as though it's extremely inspired by creating comparative innovation... I've effectively caught wind of it utilizing facial acknowledgment systems over an immense arrangement of camcorders to select one person they needed from a horde of thousands!)

It's likewise great to move the imperfections out into the open; while I haven't played the amusement myself (and following your proposal, I ought to presumably sit tight for a deal in any case), I want to effortlessly envision how the characters would themselves be, well, hacky and appear to be strange with their implied mission. What's more, basically all recreations have a great deal of viciousness in light of the fact that at last it's a simple method to make diversions all the more energizing, despite the fact that reasonably, the most gifted programmers likely aren't excessively excited about physically battling 5 individuals on the double.

That aside, a diversion's an amusement and it's tied in with investigating the world they've made, and guard dogs 2 appears to have a fantasticically made diversion for that sort of investigation and activity. I'll have to look at it when I find the opportunity; an amusement can at present be astonishing regardless of whether it isn't great!

Great review my friend. It seems you enjoyed playing this one. It seems like a very cool idea, to hack the world to make it a better place, to be on that White Hats side. I personally also don't like that he had to kill people in order to go forward, because as you said it, I also love to be stealthy in my gameplays. Maybe a bit too much stealthy haha I just love the tactics and all, and not to be seen is always one of the hardest parts.

Maybe I will wait for this one to be on sale on Humble Bundle site. They always have big sales, from super mario to warhammer total war. I only buy games from this site...

Thanks for the review@morkrock, the game seems ok for me. Hope it's not that expensive as all games are nowadays. And this one is also for PC, so maybe I will try it, who knows :)

I'm trying to find time to play something but even if I find time now, I would not know what to play. Hopefully your reviews will solve my problem ;).

Have a great playful day all!

This so challenging game and a strategic one. Does it somehow requires at least a background of IT to understand on how to play and excel in this game?


Hahaha if only, but luckily not the developers wouldn’t make much money if that were the case.

I haven't tried this game but i'm ready to test it out. Ive got a bunch of rx580's from mining I can use :)

I wonder if any of you could remember the movie Hackers, I think it was one of the first ever movies that Angelina Jolie ever starred in.

Hackers is one of my top 5 favorite movies, and incoincidentally Watch Dogs/Watch Dogs 2 have been on my must-play list for a while now. Had me hooked in the first line lol

As someone who's played both, would you recommend playing them in order if I also want to play both, or should I skip straight to 2? It seems to be the better game, but the completionist in me still kind of wants to play them in order :P


Yes or no, they’re both almost entirely different games, and you won’t be missing out if you play the second one first.

I loved Hackers, definitely in my top 10, thanks for the comment.


I am super pumped, can't wait to get my hands on it. This new character looks badass and gangster...hahaaha

Looks good

Upvoted for referencing the movie "Hackers".
I remember watching it thinking WoW that girl has nice lips and nice................hacking skills.


Hahahah yeah those lips, good gosh, ah the old days.


I really miss gaming. Seeing post like this makes me crave to go back to gaming. But I still need to hustle these days. One day I would love to try this one out.

I honestly bought this game because of this review and so far I LOVE IT one of the best games in a long time. A good story great graphics and good game play are making this very enjoyable and something to remember. So many games miss the story line anymore and its the core thing I use to love about the older games. You created a fan base via the story and wanted to help and battle to overcome what seemed like impossible odds.....
@resteemit done


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Hmmmm this is literally the exact same message as last time, come on, at least put a bit of effort in. I’m not angry, just really disappointed in you, you’re better than this.

I do love this game, actually I enjoy both games in the series. I think they are just simply enjoyable games. They have a good level of challenge in them but can also be picked up at a moments notice and enjoyed.

Nice gaming video you shared. thanks a lot for sharing with us.....@adsactly


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is this game need graphics card to play..


Yes or you can play it on a console.

Fantabulous game I will try to play even I not good games I like it's graphics mind blowing sir hats off!

This makes me want to play WD2 again. I hope they do another but I liked the crew in WD2 so much that I want another game with them. I wished they continued to expand the online play like GTA V but I think the negative reviews about this good game hurt the series a lot.

Great post and interesting game must try. Keep up the good work @adsactly

It looks so real, I love games like this

wow very nice gaming information @adsactly

Great review, thank you for sharing. Watch dogs 2 definitely seems like a fun game, the graphics are gorgeous and the setting not too far off in the future (the Chinese government for example seems like it's very interested in developing similar technology... I've already heard about it using facial recognition techniques across a huge set of video cameras to pick out one guy they wanted from a crowd of thousands!)

It's also good to get the flaws off your chest; while I haven't played the game myself (and following your recommendation, I should probably wait for a sale anyway), I think I can easily imagine how the characters would themselves be, well, hacky and seem out of place with their purported mission. And pretty much all games have a lot of violence because in the end it's an easy way to make games more exciting, even though realistically, the most skilled hackers probably aren't too keen on physically fighting 5 people at once.

That aside, a game's a game and it's about exploring the world they've made, and watch dogs 2 seems to have a fantasticically made game for that kind of exploration and action. I'll need to check it out when I get the chance; a game can still be amazing even if it isn't perfect!

The theme of the game is innovative, it is in line with the events we are experiencing today. I can see it's a very exciting game, I hope to try it very soon.

$$$$$$$$$nice gaming video you shared. thanks a lot for sharing with us
yes think so watch dogs 2 more improvement from previous game.**********@adsactly ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Upvoted. Wow. Love video games. I'm Oatmeal. Is the Watch Dogs franchise video games kind of like V for Vendetta or that Will Smith film, Enemy of the State? Is it like Wag the Dog? Are these hackers fighting government? Could be a complex story line like Metal Gear Solid? I love the Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider version over the 2018 reboot.

Black white hats, computer hackers, rose int he 1990's, but at least some of the hackers were around before that. The Internet was mostly a military thing possible before the 1970's even. Reminds me Lawnmower Man films focused on a man who had the Internet or something injected into him like the Mark of the Beast or something and he became a very smart man. Is the Watch Dog like the Matrix?

I really enjoyed watch dogs one and I felt it just came out at a bad time and was compared to the insane GTA V now that the second one is out and has gotten the timing right as GTA mania has died out I think it should do a lot better also the improvement in the graphics is definately appreciated from the first iteration, having played it yet but it’s on my list to finish before the end of this year

The graphics are so next level cool @adsactly. I can't wait to start playing the game!

A very interesting post for me to read and the movie Hacker, is one of the films I love one of them starring Angelina Jolie. The extraordinary changes that never imagined by the human race today are really far from what happened in the nineties.
the world is hollow for a man capable of mastering it.

I see the most important thing as written in this post, there are positive things and there are negative things that we can get in this world life, and this is divided into two, the first sky that the extent is not comparable with the earth it becomes a real comparison when this, with sophisticated technology that is capable of making something impossible happen to be really in front of the eye.
as well as the one in the movie Watch Dog 2
with a sophisticated system can Dedsec can infect this operating system with a virus to bring it to the ground.
and this can be followed by what happens and is read by the system. Its control is how to wall power security. with powerful postings this post is very useful for everyone to be aware of how the mastery of current technology, whether it is the making of the Game as well as other things with the ease that the world offers today.

the infinite ease to connect throughout the world and how we conclude that something that happens in life is for ease with a goal of change.

I am very happy to be able to follow this post and can take a very valuable knowledge for myself and can be a reference in this life.
the world is full of colors

Thank's @adsactly

You can cheik game review in my blog

I do not know if the game is great because it does not look complicated or is that you make it look very simple. anyway you convinced me I will try to play it


OOOh believe me, IT is great...I haven't played this particular sequel but the first installation is very dope.

All the posts aimed at "morkrock: ADSactly Game" can be thought of by the subject matter of the subject matter of the film, etc. In various ways, the subject of the internet has presented the worst and has won the world's first film award, which is important for everyone.



I loved the first one ! Amazing beautiful graphics, control of technologies is so fun. The 2nd looks very nice too, thanks for sharing.

Love it This game is awesome! I played this game on a friend PlayStation !

Amazing your gaming,,,,,very great your blog.i love the game.
Thanks for sharing your valuable post....

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Maaaaan, I've had an amazing experience with the watch dogs franchise, when everybody hated the first one, I loved it, everyone was complaining about how glichy and unpolished the game was (and it's true) but I loved it cuz I think the story it tells, about this guy that ruined his life just for vengeance and looses his only family for the same reason, just to get his vengeance and then realizing he screwed up his whole life for something he could have ignored, it's poetic man, it shows a reality, in life, once you get involved in crime, you never come out of it. I don't know, for me it's awesome, and when Watch_Dogs 2 released I went to purchase it so fast just for revisiting this universe that ubisoft had created, I'm 100% agree with you on the review, man, keep it up

This is one of the best game of ubisoft. This the best game for hacking lover.
But it's a matter of sorrow that this game can't support by my potato laptop


looool! I can relate, I mean I hardly played WATcH DoGS 1 on my system not to talk of 2.

yes think so watch dogs 2 more improvement from previous game.

Wonderful game, very nice post, thanks.....

I played this game graphics and sound quality is good