#25: Fate of the Dragon Game Playthrough [The Major Battle at Red Cliffs] {Cao Cao Mission 9} (Playing with Afiqsejuk!)

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Welcome back, readers! In this mission, Cao Cao must retreat from the incoming troops coming to kill him after he was defeated by Sun Quan and Liu Bei. This is my second attempt to play the mission. Signing off! Sejuk! Below are the prologue, dialogue, and mission.


After he took the important cities of Jingzhou and Xiangyang, Cao Cao mustered his forces totaling eight hundred and thirty thousand to annihilate Liu Bei. At the same time, he plotted to ally with Sun Quan in Wu to form a united front against Liu Bei.

In Wu most ministers were in fear of Cao Cao’s power, so they endeavoured to persuade Sun Quan to surrender to Cao Cao. Liu Bei’s new military adviser, Zhuge Liang (“Kongming”), went over to Wu to debate with the southern officials over the issue of an alliance and cunningly moved Zhou Yu to anger.

In the end, Sun Quan decided to ally with Liu Bei to defeat Cao Cao. Wu repeatedly deceived Cao Cao with such tricks as “alienating the enemy” and the “wounded-body trick” and managed to persuade Cao Cao to join his boats together to make them more stable in the rough waters. In the Major Battle at Red Cliffs, Cao Cao’s army suffered heavy casualties because his linked fleet was attacked with fire boats.

Sun Quan and Liu Bei then took advantage of these favourable circumstances to attack Cao Cao. This resulted in Cao Cao almost losing his life at Huarong. Foreseeing the outcome, Kongming ordered Lord Guan to release Cao Cao at Huarong trail. By doing, Wu would be subjected to some restraint which would be helpful to Liu Bei’s future actions. In fact, after the Major Battle at Red Cliffs, the situation of the realm being divided into three parts began to take shape.


Cheng Yu: I bring news to you, Premier, that the east wind suddenly blows. Wu’s army pretended to surrender but are actually trying to fire attack our fleet. Please, we must withdraw quickly.

Cao Cao: We must retreat to Cao Ren’s camps in Nanjun to regroup the army for further action.

Cao Cao upon meeting Lord Guan

Cao Cao: I am defeated and in a desperate position. It would appear that at the moment I have no means of escape. But I hope, General, you will still remember our old friendship.

Lord Guan: I do remember, I will allow you this chance to run away for your lives! I will not let you run next time.


Escort Cao Cao to Cao Ren’s position in the North-west.


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