Pokemon-go Valentines week special starts today

3년 전

Hello Steemit, starting today Pokemon go players will have the following during the week leading up to the 15th of feb.

Here are the things that are new for the Valentines day special week. Dont forget to resteem this post and share on social media as I can imagine that there must be many people googling these search terms right now.

  • Double candies for transferring or capturing pokemons
  • Pokemon buddy will find candies in half the time
  • Pink Pokemons like Chancey and Clefable will be easier to find during the week
  •  Cleffa, Igglybuff or Smoochum will be more likely to hatch 
  • The lures will last six hours instead of the usual 30 minutes

I think Niantic could do more to keep the game interesting but at least we got a week of new stuff to enjoy.

Good luck Pokemon Go Players


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