Magic The Gathering-Modern Gruul Dragons

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I play a game called Magic The Gathering and the deck list I have typed out below is for the modern format which is from eighth edition and on wards. The deck has to be a minimum of 60 cards but can be larger. You can have up to 4 copies of each card if you choose to with the exception of basic lands which you can have any number of. I am sharing a red and green deck otherwise known as a gruul deck based around dragons if you want to see pricing and such the list is posted here


Disclaimer this is not my art the source is here Source


  1. Mountains- 10
  2. Forest -10
  3. Gruul Turfs -4
  4. Rugged Highlands -2


  1. Sarkhan The Dragonspeaker - 2
  2. Sarkhan The Masterless - 2


  1. Crucible of Fire -2
  2. Dragon Tempest -2
  3. Frontier Siege -2
  4. Outpost Siege -2


  1. Atarka, World Render -2
  2. Draconic Disciple-2
  3. Dragon Egg - 2
  4. Dragonlord's Servant - 4
  5. Dragon Whisperer - 2
  6. Dragonmaster Outcast - 2
  7. Herdchaser Dragon - 4
  8. Hunted Dragon - 2
  9. Lathliss Dragon Queen
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