Overview Of The Prospectors Game


In a few hours time, the mainnet of the prospectus game would be live. The long periods of waiting and anxiety would finally come to an end as prospective players would finally get to explore the virtual world of myriads of opportunities in the first ever created ever massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game (MMORTES) built on the EOS blockchain.

The whitepaper hints that prospectus would resemble the XIXth century world of capital accumulation. According to the short narrative, there is news of an uninhabited territory in the north side filled with gold deposits, this makes people travel far and wide in search of the fortune with their families. When they arrive, they find out the resources are limited in supply. Endless opportunities for the new inhabitants are available and they pitched their tents to explore the goodies the land has to offer to them- the natural laws of economics come into play.

• Human behavioral patterns start building up.
• Human wants start to build up as there explore the limited resources available on the discovered land.
• Humans start to exchange goods and services via the medium of exchange- the PGL token( The native currency of the game).


The jungle testnet provided a sneak peek into how the true state of things will run on the mainnet. After successfully gaining access into the world of prospectus with the right key pairs, every account would be provided with three unique sets of workers that would be under the authority of the user. These workers would be managed by the user throughout the game. These set of workers would help to erect buildings, mine resources, transport materials or even be hired to another player for a certain fee depending on the demand for workers arise.

As a prospective manager of these workers, it would be an added value to possess the basic knowledge of economics and project management in order to maximize the resources to make profits every day.
Possession of the right tool for the required job is also important of note. Example include a shovel, spade, pickax sledgehammer, etc.

On the prospectors game, available land units are divided into plots which could be rented by a player. Possession of these land units give one a vantage point to explore the available resources which could be found in that particular plot of land, such resources could range from the visible ground resources eg stone and wood to the underground resources ( gold, iron ore, clay, and coal). When these underground resources are mined, they could be traded in the open market in exchange for the native currency of the game or could be used in the manufacturing of other structures eg tools.

The right combination of the visible ground resources and the underground resources could be used in the construction of production buildings on the rented plot of yours to generate more streams of income, but this comes with an extra price of work time and workers! In addition, you also have to be knowledgeable of the right technology to erect such structures.



The prospectors game is a very interesting game to venture in, it could be also addictive if one is not careful. One doesn't need to be a true gamer in order to play to earn, once you have a basic knowledge of using applications then you are good to go. Imagine making a living from the same daily activities you undergo in a virtual world? The EOS blockchain made that possible!

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