Playing games and earning Nano

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I have always been a fan of Nano from the beginning when you could fill out a CAPTCHA and get a bunch for free. Those days are long gone, but you can earn a small amount for free when you play a online game in your web browser. This wont be worth your time if you are trying to make money with it. Its mainly for fun and to try out free micro-transactions using Nano. I like to use the full node wallet, but they have web wallets as well if that is what you prefer. You can get started by going to and inputting your Nano wallet address. Choose the faucet mode and Zombie character for a free game bid. You start off with the very basics and build your character up over time. Once you get three player kills or thirty three NPC kills you can cash out.


You start out as a zombie and slowly add armor, skin, and other items to your body and increase the power of your character. Keep an eye out for other players because they can kill you and steal what you have earned from all your hard work.

azfix zombie.jpg

Heath potions can be used to restore health while fighting or to replenish health after a fight.


One of the goals is to capture castles and get better weapons and loot in order to make progression much easier. Look for the doors that lead up to the surface in order to find the castles.


Enter the castle by running into the door, but be prepared with health potions and know how to use your ranged weapons.


Transformation potions give your character more overall health and make your character run slightly faster, so collect as many as you can.


Hope you enjoyed this intro and if you are interested we can do some team games and I can create a more detailed post and make a video walk-through

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That is pretty cool. I will find out if some of my gamer friends play this.

Good to see you post!!


Its not for everyone, but its a cool way to introduce some people to cryptos.


Cool to see you around some again :) My son has been fooling around taking photos at night. He wants to get into it more, like what you do. Anyways here is some he got of the moon that I giffed :)



That is awesome, looks like he is off to a great start.

good way to earn some Nano . The game graphics isn't looking too great though


The graphics are for sure not cutting edge, but you can tell the creator put quite a bit of work into it.