Stationeers Food Tutorial - Cereal Bar

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Stationeers - Food Tutorial - Cereal Bar

How to make a cereal bar in Stationeers

You will need:
1 Bench
1 Microwave
1 Reagent Processor
Hydroponics (see below)
1 Wheat Seed

Insert 1 wheat seed into the Top of the Reagent Processor
Make sure the tray is closed. Click the start button.
Wait. The flour will be produced automatically and the Reagent Processor will turn itself off when done.
Open the tray and take the flour.
Insert the flour into the microwave and close the door. Click the start button. Like before, the microwave will automatically turn off when complete.
Open it up to get your cereal bar.
Hold the right mouse button to eat the cereal bar.

To avoid losing resources, make the cereal bars one at a time. If you need to make them faster, set up multiple benches with reagent processors and microwaves.

Don't put more than 1 wheat seed into the reagent processor at a time. You'll end up with the flour stacked up which will cause problems with the microwave.
Don't put more than 1% flour into the microwave at a time when making cereal bars. You won't get more than one cereal bar. You may not get any.

You'll need an airtight room with an atmosphere containing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), pressurized between 10 K Pascals to 100 K Pascals and heated to 20-30 degrees C, and you will need some H2O (Water)
1 Hydroponics Tray
Lots of pipes
4 pressure regulators (2 normal, 2 back, 1 set for each atmos/water)
tank connectors or gas canister storage
Passive and Active Vents
2 airlock doors

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I saw the game for the first time. but I will try and play


It's pretty sweet. :) A bit unforgiving at times, too.

a game that is out of space!
is it your Creation !?


I just made the video. The game is called "Stationeers" - you can find the site here:


oh, I see!
you know what, This will be so exciting if this game could play with VR.

wow i like it


Thank you!


welcome bro