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Hey Guys and Gals!

We are Tiny. We are Epic. We are Questing. That's right, its time to talk about Tiny Epic Quest!


This is a game published by Gamelyn Games and designed by Scott Almes. They have a whole line of Tiny Epic games that are all pretty popular and for good reason.

In Tiny Epic Quest you're going to

First Impressions

This is the first Tiny Epic game that I bought and I was truly surprised how much game is in this little box.

Look. This box is pretty small for a board game.


In case you weren't sure how small it is and I haven't droned on about it enough, I included a quarter. GUYS THIS GAME IS TINY.

So, that being said.

Look at this board!


I was pretty impressed.

There are a lot of cool little weapons and other items that come with this, to equip your meeples with. You're going to seem them later, I promise.

I truly appreciate the overall design and components that come with this game. It's pretty solid all around.

Game Overview

There's a lot going on in this game, I am going to give you a high-level overview of this game. I definitely don't touch on everything, but I hope this gives you an overall idea of the game.

This game is done in phases. You're going to be moving during the day and taking action during the night. I've tried so many different ways to write that sentence, that doesn't sound inappropriate, but that's what I landed on.


You'll be wanting to try to complete quests, learn spells and fight goblins so that you can be the best quester and have the most points and then brag about how awesome you are because you won. Not that I do that.

Getting quests complete doesn't just give you points at the end of the game, they also give you things that can help you throughout the game.


In this example Green needs to Discover the Lost Treasure. To do that Green needs to Complete the Desert Temple and then they get to basically have the ability to learn a spell higher than they could otherwise, by equipping that Tome. (The bottom text)

So during the Day Phase, which is the first phase, we are going to start by picking a way to move.

Attachment-1 (1).jpeg

You'll pick based on where you want to be on the board. Everyone picks, starting from whoever has the first player token and you keep picking until four movement cards have been chosen.

In this example Green wanted to get to the Desert Temple so they could get that tome, so they could be awesome at learning spells.


Here they are! Ready to explore.

So, lets fast forward to everyone is in their spots. They are going to either learn spells, explore temples, fight goblins or possibly not do anything during the Night Phase.

You're going to start rolling dice. This is where some push-your-luck comes in. You're going to need different dice faces for different things.

We saw Green on the Desert Temple, they need maps to go down the track, when you get to the end of the track you have completed that temple.

But you can also take damage when those angry goblin faces come up. If you choose to roll, or Adventure, you're going to stay Adventuring during everyone else's turn, too. That means if they roll damage, you could be taking damage was well. That's where the risk comes in.

If you're like, "No. Thanks. I don't want to take damage on other peoples turns." You can also choose to Rest. That means you forfeit rolling for the rest of the phase.


Basically, you get to be all, "I'm going to go take a nap while the rest of you suckers take damage!" - But there's a downside. You don't get any of the benefits either. You have to weigh your options.

Once everyone has resolved the actions, you pretty much reset and start over.

Blue here completed the Fire Temple and got to equip a sweet little bomb.


This is one of my favorite component parts about this game. You get to equip the meeples! It's so cute. I like it more than I probably should.

Excuse me while I go adjust my glasses.

SO? How would you rate it?!

Rating: 3.5/5

This a pretty awesome game. It's slightly heavier than you expect it to be for it being all tiny, but I feel like I want more rounds. I feel like there's a lot I want to do and then the game ends. That could be a me thing, not a game thing.

And it definitely taps into a nerdy theme that I really like.

As far as replay value, each time you play will be different. The board will be random, the quests will be random and you'll be setting your sights on different goals each time.

Overall, this is a pretty great game. I urge you to get on your adventuring cap and check it out.

Happy Playing!

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Good post and looks like an exciting board game to play. Thanks for sharing :)