10 Best NEW PC Games To Play In December 2021 - Force Gaming Channel Video

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From Force Gaming Channel on YouTube: Checking out the 10 best looking PC games coming this December.


0:00 Best New PC Games Coming in December 2021
0:56 ANVIL: Vault Breakers – December 2
3:23 Century: Age of Ashes – December 2
5:49 Solar Ash – December 2
7:18 Chorus - December 3
08:26 Icarus - December 4
10:59 FFXIV: Endwalker - December 7
12:26 Heavenly Bodies – December 7
14:10 Halo Infinite – December 8
15:56 Breakwaters – December 9
17:18 The Gunk – December 16

Other Noteworthy Games...
18:38 Wartales - December 1
19:05 Corepunk Beta - TBD


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Thanks for watching!

Force Gaming Channel on YouTube

Video used with permission from Force Gaming for promotional purposes.


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Don't fully agree with the list you got there

Hello friend, the PC games that you mention are very interesting. Thank you