Looking to move my mobile game to Steem!

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Hey Steemers!

I've been away for a while working on some exciting projects, but hoping to have more time back in the community to read, post and explore how I might be able to help expand the Steem network.

I'm looking at the possibility of porting my iPhone/Android mobile game Real Fantasy to the Steem blockchain.

YouTube screencap.jpg

Turns out, this is a pretty big undertaking as the coding for mobile games is not terribly conducive to blockchain programming. But, just want you all to know I'm looking at possible ways to do it even if it's a more complex process than I originally thought.

The game will require a bit of tweaking as well since as a mobile game a central feature is the GPS "location-based" elements that we'll likely modify to a greater or lesser extent for the Steem platform.

A big thanks to my friend Chris (@blewitt) who is a huge Steem devotee and came up with the idea of bringing it to the blockchain - as well as helping me develop the game into something even better than the mobile version!!

So, please keep an eye out for Real Fantasy to (hopefully) make an appearance on Steem in the coming months!!

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Excellent news. Reach out to the steemmonsters devs on discord https://discord.gg/vGmRFVB if there's anything you're stuck on. They're crazy busy, but new games are great for the chain, which helps us all.
I'll be keeping an eye out for your updates.


Thanks, Matt! @blewitt just got me into Discord. Had a good meet today that I hope takes us forward!!

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Knowing nothing about coding it would be neat if along the way you could set up either A some sort of tutorial or how to of converting mobile games to blockchain games or B set up some sort of base code that assists people making to take the leap.

Looking forward to future updates and following to see any breaking news on the development. Can't wait to see and support more and more games on the Steem blockchain.


I would certainly benefit from that! I'm not a tech guy, so I'm talking to guys who are smarter than I about this! It's definitely unchartered territory, but feels like I'm learning (slowly!).

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

Bring it..now..just do it..

Don't know much about the game but if it comes onto the chain I will jump straight into it. Hopefully you can figure it out and get past all the barriers for moving it here.

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Thank you, brother. Will keep you posted.


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This is exciting. Got Re-Steemed so more knows about it.


I appreciate the support, Farizal!


I resteemed it too @chood :)

Hi, congratulations, I'll be waiting for the premiere to participate, greetings.

Very good idea, I'll follow that. :)


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I have little experience working with mobile, I have a year's experirnce programming for the steem blockchain though. I've resteemed in the hopes that someone more adept with mobile development will see it.


Thanks for commenting. Good to know you're familiar with the space. I've got a LOT to learn, but fortunately there are a lot smarter guys than me out there who can make this happen!!


Most people here use steem-js, I use the python library beem mostly, also there's @steemsql.

With the python and js libraries, it's actually really easy to work with since the whole steem blockchain is in JSON format. And there are lots of guides on how to use the libraries.

Yessssss!!!! Let’s make this happen!

Please do it @chood you will get a huge boost from the Steem community if you do. I usually don't like video games but I will even download it and check it out if it is Steem-based, and I would try to get gamers that I know to switch from their fantasy games to yours.

P. S. Let me know if you are willing to pay for a developer. I am friends with a Sr. Developer that is starting to work gigs for Steem-based projects.

This financial tech company based in California might like your game. Blast hq have a system in the Google play store. If you're interested here's a invite to our discord discussion


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