Let's Play Cities Skylines! - EP#2 - Basic Setup

3년 전

Good day everyone! Let's build the basic layout and get to the first milestone of building our SteemCity


  • How should I name our first district?
  • Any suggestions or things you would like to see?

If you are looking to purchase the game, here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/255710/

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Because of you I bought this game!!! They should've put a timer on this game!!! Time fly with this, you got to be carefull!! i'm curious about your strategy ✌️


Beware, this one is a time sucker. :-)

Is there any demo package of this game
I wanna try before purchasing this game


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wowww that's amazing :) I love games but can't play such high level games :)

I am going to avoid this games, since I was kind an addict when I was younger. Look amazing tho.

Lets put some attention towards gaming, this Crypto really upsets our minds..
Now to the question.
Name one of the crypto coins.

Waao never played anything like that before i mostly played Age of Empires, i think i should first have a look on what is this game is for.

Anybody tell me what this is about? I have no idea.

Wooow never play this before nice to see it lets play this

Lets choose the name from the comments, randomly and well suited,y only suggestion to all over here(not you) try to find aome sort of peace on steemit, dont run for money, build your standard and mind, money will automatically come to you...

  1. I suggest steem panta

  2. I like to see missions and stages. I will also like to see cars and choopers.

This time gaming lets start and refresh our minds

gaming wow let's see :)

First district's name should be
upvote land.
And I want some steem logo or poster in your game.

Yooo - You should stream that on @dlive - Then the stream can be replayed automatically.

If you wish you can also upload videos to both dtube and dlive as well.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by the @dlive24hour discord server at: Discord.me/DLive24Hour and message me (Eric Wilson)

The amazing your post,i like,nice,good job brother,i support you,@cryptoctopus upvote and reestem @love-peace


Oh man!
That is some chronic spamming @love-peace

My suggestion for the name is - STEEMSKYLESS

Basic Setup is very important .Well suited,y only suggestion to all over here (not you) try to find among sort of peace on{ steemit, }

Good .........
I will try.

Wow ,interesting.....

What do you think of steemtopia, although am not a big fan of cityskylines but I do prefer building games where I can fight and loot others resource to build my city faster xd

How should I name our first district?

Diamond District

That is a good and great idea. I guess we should name it steemitsociety

This great gaming....I appreciate this dtube channel....Keep it up my friends....

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very boring game

I want to try this but I don't have enough money. Is there an alternative game for this?

Dude this is so damn fresh

Dude this is so damn fresh

I would call Blockchain Estates.


Cryptic District :D

I'm pretty excited that cities skylines is actually becoming a thing.

World's most people play game mobile or computer. In online gaming market is the best. In my phone always installed some game.

Wow, I'm away from Steemit for just a few days and now you have a new profile picture and gaming videos:o Nice! City Skyline looks like quite the addictive game, though;)

Hey cryptoctopus long time no see :) im back too steemit, at least i will try to read and write more :) i watched this dtube, but why u didnt use dlive? i think for live streams dlive are perfect and after that you can upload your video to dtube:)

Congratulations @cryptoctopus!
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Because of you I bought this game!!! They should've put a timer on this game!!! Time fly with this, you got to be carefull!! i'm curious about your strategy ✌️