FACEIT Major: London 2018 Pick'em challenge day 1

3년 전

Here are my picks for the London Counterstrike: Global Offensive.


Let's start with Astralis vs. CompLexity Gaming and my 3-0 pick

I just feel this is a safe pick for 3-0, another safe pick, in my opinion, would be Big. I'm choosing Astralis over CompLexity Gaming because I feel like Astralis is a stronger team right now CompLexity Gaming is playing well out of five best of threes they only lost one match up to NRG however CompLexity Gaming has only been playing second tear NA team recently so we will have to see how they hold up against tear one pro's

As far as I know, Astralis and CompLexity Gaming only matched up one time recently for a best of one and Astralis beat them.

Best of 1 Astralis vs CompLexity Gaming 1-0

Gambit vs. Tyloo

What can I say about these two teams, for both teams their last five matchups both teams only picked up one win that being said my hops is for gambit being former major champions I'm hoping they can beat Tyloo and advance.

Out of the three most recent matchups of Gambit vs. Tyloo gambit won all three.

Best of 3 Gambit vs. Tyloo 2-1
Best of 5 Gambit vs. Tyloo 3-0
Best of 1 Gambit vs. Tyloo 1-0

N.I.P vs. Virtus Pro

This one sting and it stings bad Virtus Pro is actually my favourite team. This is the first major ever I'm not picking them to make it out of group stages the way I see it is VP doesn't do good online they do well at majors but with the golden five finally splitting up I just don't see them beating N.I.P who is on fire right now. Out of their last five matchups they only lost one to Astralis, on the other hand, you have VP, my favourite team, and out of their last five matchups they only won one these five matchups were against teams I haven't even heard of so I don't think they have what it takes to beat N.I.P right now.

These are the most recent matchups of Virtus pro vs. N.I.P.

Best of 1 Virtus.pro vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-1
Best of 3 Virtus.pro vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1
Best of 1 Virtus.pro vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-0
Best of 1 Virtus.pro vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-0
Best of 1 Virtus.pro vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-1

Big vs. Renegades

Both Big and Renegades are doing really well is all their matchups only dropping one out of five for both teams this one is kind of hard for me as I don't really follow both these teams. so if you feel safer picking Renegades then go with your gut feeling my reasoning for picking Big is because Big versed Renegades two times recently and beat them both times.

most recent matchups of Big vs. Renegades.

Best of 3 BIG vs. Renegades 2-1
Best of 3 BIG vs. Renegades 2-0

North vs. Hellraisers

North all the way North is doing well right now and Hellraisers is doing the opposite. Hellraisers have let me down in the past so I'm going North.

Recent matchups of North vs. Hellraisers.

Best of 3 North vs Hellraisers 2-0
Best of 3 North vs Hellraisers 2-0
Best of 3 North vs Hellraisers 2-0
Best of 1 North vs Hellraisers 0-1
Best of 1 North vs Hellraisers 1-0

Team Liquid vs. Optic

I picked Team liquid because of how well they are doing right now they beat MIBR twice recently and Navi right now people consider them the best team in NA and I would have to agree (Ghost is still my favourite NA team right now but you need brax) Optic hasn't been doing so hot recently in their matchups so I'm going with Team Liquid

Most recent matchups of Team liquid vs. Optic.

Best of 1 Team Liquid vs OpTic 0-1
Best of 1 Team Liquid vs OpTic 1-0
Best of 1 Team Liquid vs OpTic 0-1

Spirit vs. Vega Squadron

This one is kind of hard for me these are both "tear 2 teams" so I don't know much about them I've only seen one or two games for both teams. what I do know is Vega squad recently lost to Spirit so that helped my decision I'm hoping Spirit can pull through on this for me. also, I hear that Vega Squadron didn't practice for this major so I hope that bites them in the ass.

Most recent matchups of Spirit vs. Vega Squadron.

Best of 1 Vega Squadron vs Spirit 0-1
Best of 3 Vega Squadron vs Spirit 0-2
Best of 3 Vega Squadron vs Spirit 2-1

Rouge vs. Space Soldiers.

Here is my pick that goes against everyone else, for the most part from me looking online most people are choosing space soldiers my reasoning behind choosing Rouge is they have been winning a lot of matchups. these two teams seem to be evenly matched when they matchup so i will leave it up to you to decide this one.

Most recent matchups of Rogue vs. Space Soldiers.

Best of 3 Space Soldiers vs Rogue 2-1
Best of 1 Space Soldiers vs Rogue 0-1
Best of 1 Space Soldiers vs Rogue 0-1
Best of 2 Space Soldiers vs Rogue 0-2

And last but not least Vega Squadron for 0-3.

Why I picked Vega Squadron is simple they didn't practice for the major so I picked them they deserve it, the 3-0 and 0-3 picks are usually just luck anyway. most of the time teams drop a map or pick up a map it's hard to get these ones right its kind of just luck.

Well, that wraps it's up for my Faceit London 2018 major picks for day one, let me know what your picks are in the comment section and be sure to follow for day two picks thank you!


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