FACEIT Major: London 2018 Pick'em Champions stage

3년 전

I just want to start out by saying my bad for not posting my group stage pick'ems it slipped my mind. So I decided to include a picture of them at the end of this post so you can at least see them.

Here are my picks for the Champions stage


MIBR VS. Complexity

This one is a tough one for me I gotta go with my gut but it might bite me in the ass there complexity is on fire this major playing 7 games and only losing one map to Astralis 4-16. but they never play MIBR in the group stage so I'm going to try my luck on MIBR who, to be honest, didn't look that good probably because of the new roster they need time to work out the kinks. I actually want complexity to do good because they have Canadians on their team.

complexitys record

complexity Gaming VS. Astralis 4-16 Inferno
complexity Gaming VS. Space Soldiers 16-11 Inferno
complexity Gaming VS. BIG 16-12 Inferno
complexity Gaming VS. Vega Squadron 19-15 Inferno
complexity Gaming VS. Fnatic 16-4 Inferno
complexity Gaming VS. G2 Esports 16-11 Cache
complexity Gaming VS. BIG 16-8 Nuke

Any team playing complexity should ban Inferno as a tactical move.

MIBR's record

MIBR VS. TyLoo 13-16 Inferno
MIBR VS. mousesports 16-6 Dust II
MIBR VS. G2 Esports 16-4 Inferno
MIBR VS. Astralis 0-16 Dust II first ever in major history
MIBR VS. Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 in a best of 3

BIG VS. Natus Vincere

I'm going to go with Navi on this one big has proven themselves this major to be a good opponent, however, I think Navi is playing good right now only dropping one map to Astralis by two round so I think they can take the win. There is an upset potential for BIG to come in and win this BO3 with how they have been playing.

BIG's very impressive record

BIG VS. Renegades 16-6 Overpass
BIG VS. Vega Squadron 16-19 Train
BIG VS. complexity Gaming 12-16 Inferno
BIG VS. Gambit Esports 16-8 Nuke
BIG VS. OpTic Gaming 2-0
BIG VS. FaZe Clan 16-5 Dust II
BIG VS. TyLoo 16-7 Train
BIG VS. complexity Gaming 8-16 Nuke
BIG VS. HellRaisers 16-9 Train

Natus Vincere's record

Natus Vincere VS. Astralis 14-16 Inferno
Natus Vincere VS. FaZe Clan 16-12 Overpass
Natus Vincere VS. Ninjas in Pyjamas 16-6 Train
Natus Vincere VS. Fnatic 16-9 Mirage

Team liquid VS. Hellraisers

Team Liquid has been owning this major so that's the team I'm going to pick. not to say hellraisers is doing bad they are doing well also I just think liquid with the way they are playing will take this BO3. I mean they went 3-0 twice they are doing great right now. teams playing against Team Liquid need to ban inferno and mirage they also already beat Hellraiser.

Team Liquids record

Team Liquid VS. OpTic Gaming 16-4 Mirage
Team Liquid VS. HellRaisers 16-9 Inferno
Team Liquid VS. Vega Squadron 19-17 Cache
Team Liquid VS. Winstrike Team 16-7 Mirage
Team Liquid VS. Ninjas in Pyjamas 16-10 Mirage
Team Liquid VS. Astralis 19-15 Inferno

Hellraisers record

Hellraisers VS. North 19-17 Overpass
Hellraisers VS. Team Liquid 9-16 Inferno
Hellraisers VS. Gambit Esports 16-14 Overpass
Hellraisers VS. OpTic Gaming 25-23 Train
Hellraisers VS. G2 Esports 20-22 Dust II
Hellraisers VS. Cloud9 19-16 Overpass
Hellraisers VS. Tyloo 16-10 Overpass
Hellraisers VS. BIG 9-16 Train

Astralis VS. Faze

Astralis has been doing good this major I'm picking them to win it. Faze is a great team with lots of talent but I think in the end Astralis will win Faze just got through to the champion stage by the skin of their teeth. we will have to see on Friday.

Astralis record

Astralis VS. compLexity Gaming 16-4 Inferno
Astralis VS. Rogue 16-13 Inferno
Astralis VS. Ninjas in Pyjamas 26-28 Mirage
Astralis VS. Team Spirit 16-3 Dust II
Astralis VS. Natus Vincere 16-14 Inferno
Astralis VS. Vega Squadron 16-4 Inferno
Astralis VS. Team Liquid 15-19 Inferno
Astralis VS. MIBR 16-0 Dust II

Faze's record

Faze VS. BIG 5-16 Dust II
Faze VS. Natus Vincere 12-16 Olofpass
Faze VS. mousesports 16-8 Mirage
Faze VS. TyLoo 16-4 Mirage

Natus Vincere VS. MIBR

The reason I'm going with NAVI is with the new roster change in MIBR I'm in the best of three I think Navi can take it from MIBR. That 0-16 on dust two is another reason I'm going with NAVI they just didn't seem to work right or were too passive.

Astralis VS. Team Liquid

I'm going with Astralis I'm a little nervous with how good Team Liquid is doing but I hope that if Astralis bans mirage/inferno I think that they can do it. it's a BO3 so anything can happen.

Natus Vincere VS. Astralis

For this, I choose Astralis because they already beat Navi once so in a B03 Navi might pick up a map but my hopes are for Astralis to win the major for the gold pick'em I need all but one to be right so I'm nervous this has been a tough major I would be happy to get any coin of course.

And last but not least here is my group stage picks again my bad for not posting about it.
Leave a comment and let me know who you are picking to win let's get a conversation going about the final matches of the major!

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