Support a new gamer wishing to share exlusive content

4년 전

Hey guys, im new around and im exploring all the social networks to make my channel kicks off on the digital world.

I would like you guys to feedback on what i´ve done so far, if possible, and also hit me up with suggestions or advises.

Here´s one of my first videos on the link,feel free to check it out, still trying out and exploring the imense social network!

And why not be my one of my first subscribers on steemit and youtube!? Wish me luck on this journey, peace!

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Thanks "peanolugly" ..feel free to follow me here on steemit or in my twitch/youtube channel! xD

Just search Dala Veta on google search engine or youtube search. I allready added some content in there! Just have a look ;)

Im around some other social media platforms too, cheers mate=)