and a bit above average joe player "world of warships game play tips and triks"


World of warships is and Strategic naval warfare MMO, in and Arcade style game play. The game is free to play but realistically you need to spend some Money on it. The game came out in 2015 and are the less know game from the belarusian Gaming Company where the flagship game is world of tanks. The game offers a slower game style then other titles like battlefield etc. Therefore the Player base is on average older then most First person shooters out there. And demanding a little patience to succeed.


The game has and grinding character where you start at tear 1 and can go up to tear 10. by earning xp and credit by playing the game. one of the way to get ahead is by getting and premium account, costing about 6$ in a month with the premium you get more xp and credits. you have different classes, nations and with different play styles.


  • Stealth like a ninja
  • Most has smoke screen to hide you location and your team
  • Torpedoes
  • Low health poll one mistake can kill you its the most demanding class but the most fun when one shoot a battleship with your Torpedoes


  • Medium to long range and a good fire chance
  • most has defense Torpedoes
  • Radar to detect enemy's special as a counter to destroyers
  • Good AA fire.
  • Cruisers are and support class you can tank battleships but it risky they are deadly in the late game.


  • long range
  • High damage dealing
  • Good armor piercing Penn (AP) can easily one shoot most cruisers ho is not angling correct
  • large health poll poll
  • good armor if angling

Aircraft Carriers

  • using aircraft to strike anywhere on the map
  • specially hunting down Destroyers
  • Top down game play not everybody like it
  • one of the more demanding classes on the hate you will get in game by the enemy team and your own.

every ship has a captain where you can get up to 19 skill points.
in my opinion is the most inporten skill the priority Target.
then its up to your play-style ship etc-


Angling and hitting the citadel
The way to success the best weapon you have is the WASD key.
by angling you armor and moving in illogical pattern you will take dramatically less damage and not get citadel so much by enemy AP shells. it dont work against high explosive "HE" but it make you harder to hit. and HE do less damage the Ap do.
most ships cant shoot all its turrets if you are angling but it dont matter if you are dead. the citadel its under the turrets or the superstructure near the water line if you are not angling your broadside its easy to hit. there for your first captain skill need to be priority Target.

am taking up and aggressive position, am in a top tear battleship is my job to be in the front and tank damage. A common mistake for battleships are sniping in the back then you are no use for your team only for your damage, one of your greatest assets are your hit points you dont need them if you are alone in the end sitting in one of the corners of the map. this was a easy game but its a example of how not to play, The enemy is not angling at all to me, and by my position a have there broadside.

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