Bismarck the king of secondary's. WORLD OF WARSHIPS


Had this blast of a game yesterday. a new record on how meany medals a ever got.
the German Bismarck is one of my favorite battleship in the game.
with the special secondary armament. With my top captain and full secondary speck they have a rang of 11.4km a believe. Sins the Bismarck is and tier 8 bb and rugulare meet tier 6 to 10 you can have some amazing game in it. in contradiction to the Großer Kurfürst the tier 10 its much harder to use the secondary armament.
Do to the current meta of the game. So for the germane battleship line. In my mind. The Premium Tirpitz and Bismarck are the strongest one. And most fun.



The Premium Tirpitz money potential.

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You setting new records, that’s great