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Hello Steemians,

Well it has been a few months since I have been on steemit to post up some reviews and game plays for you guys.

Well I am back and it is time to get back to posting some great content for you ,


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Some times the difference between a decent attempt at a creepy game and an actual creepy game are whats lurking in the shadows as apposed to the writing or story ,

That's why today I bring you my top TEN most terrifying Game ' ENEMIES ' so lets dive straight in .


#NUMBER 10. -Blood Lickers -BloodBorne

bloodborn blood licker.jpg

Bloodlickers are described as flea like but other than really what they do I don't see it , To me they just look like horrific mutated Humanoid things with huge tongues and swollen stomachs because they drink blood.
Depending on how many there are , sometimes they are not that hard to defeat but ... no matter what they explode when you defeat them ,
It's a good thing you don't have to clean things in the world of Bloodborne .


NUMBER 9 - Crawlers - Dead Space 2


These things are infected, deformed babies which crawl around backwards heads and bellys in the air , because their belly is an explosive sack , They exist in " DEAD SPACE 3 " , But I am just gonna say that they are not quite as freaky without the human face on them , because in Dead space 3 they are Alien infant , They are not nice looking by any means but having a baby kill you it's got the SPECIAL SOMETHING to it .

NUMBER 8 - THE NURSE- Silent Hill 2


Well there are Nurses in the first silent hill but in the second one really created the iconic Silent hill nurse ,
And they have seen many different appearances over the years but the silent hill 2 one is pretty much the one people remember.
They don't have a face .. Just a mouth - Bloody with exposed jaws-Teeth which is nice ( bet the dentist love them ) - They are also over very sexualized but not without purpose - The protagonist's wife Mary had a terminal illness - In parts the nurse symbolized things that he wasn't able to deal with during that .


NUMBER 7 - IRON MAIDEN - Resident Evil 4.

iron maiden.jpg

Now as with most of the ENEMIES in the entire Resident Evil series that they are somehow a Zombie , In this case they were created by implanting a couple of parasites into a Human host and no matter what you do to them they - Regenerate * Very Very FAST *
They have quite a lovely face , big set of teeth but the regenerated version has a whole lot of Spikes coming out of them , which for whatever reason does an amazing at upping the creep factor quite a lot .


NUMBER 6 - Witch - Left 4 Dead .


Now Left 4 Dead creators made her look like a weirdly behaving super infected that can kill a survivor in one hit .
Witches are very sensitive to light and the close presence of uninfected Humans and will attack until your dead, Once somebody is dead or you have out run her - She will just run away crying/sobbing like a child who had their sweets removed - I don't know how to describe it , it's different behavior from everything else in the game , Yes she is super strong .


NUMBER 5 - Kusabi - Fatal Frame II crimson Butterfly


After being the subject of a failed ritual sacrifice by villagers this ghoul comes back for revenge and you will not want to be the target of his anger
try to stay clear of him because he will kill you with one touch - When you finally do have to kill him , you will only be able to do damage to him with a Fatal Frame or a Zero shot from your Camera , making him extremely difficult to defeat .


NUMBER 4 - The Groom (Eddie Gluskin - Outlast Whistleblower


Some secrets are better left buried but when you have an asylum filled to the rim with experiments done on already damaged patients maybe someone should be blowing that whistle
Eddie was one of the many disturbs patients that roamed the halls , though he is even more prone to violence considering his serial killer past .
Due to his desire to find the perfect woman he has taken to capturing and torturing male and performing genital mutilation
He almost succeeds and taking you as his bride -Thankfully the wedding is off .


NUMBER 3- Laura Creature - The Evil Within .


You will encounter this terrifying creature multiple times throughout The EVIL WITHIN and she is no push over ,
While it is possible to defeat her at every encounter it will take enormous amounts of ammo to take her down , In all honesty if you have the option to Just run away it's best to do that .


NUMBER 2 - The Sorrow - Metal Gear Solid 3 snake eater

the sorrow.jpg

The spirit of the warrior will always be with you and that's Terrifying .
Towards the end of Metal Gear Solid CIA operative snake , experiences a near death experience by falling into a river bringing him before * THE SORROW * The ghost of an elite soldier .
Sorrow had a unique gift in life being able to summon and embody the souls of the dead , bringing any soldiers killed by snake while also firing mental bursts , pushing snake through a trudge of purgatory like realm , however the real shock comes when the sorrow triggers a fake game over screen - pretty CHILLING .


NUMBER 1 - Alma - Fear


Ghosts , Pregnant Phantoms , Demons , These are all things that haunt you throughout the fear series but ALMA is by far the worst ,
In the first game she looks like a small child but her pale skin , jet black hair that falls around her slender face and ripped clothing make her seem much more terrifying ,
She also has a knack for appearing when she is least wanted an completely ruining your day


That concludes my top 10 most terrifying enemies in game play and if you know of any more Terrifying enemies let me know in the comments below .

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Your back, I thought @techmojo had sold you to upgrade his gaming rig with even more ram - but I have all the ram now - 48gb, except it's been used up by the blockchain 🤣 The things I do for my Steemit hobby lol

I think you found all the best nasties out there, Silent Hill for sure is the stuff of nightmares any way you look.

#thealliance #witness


Oh I completely agree with the nasties I had fun writing this , LMAO as for Tech he tried selling me for his rig but told him that his dinner would be fed to the dog haha , I took a break from writing revues/blogs as I have been looking after my mother who is currently quite poorly , How have you been keeping ?