Punch’s Marvelous Adventures In 3-D Land


I’ve been wanting to get into 3-D printing for a long time now, and I’m glad that I finally did. There’s a lot to think about when actually getting into the scene that hadn’t occurred to me at first, but damn did that lack of foresight hit me like a brick wall.

There was a lot of building, adjusting, updating, downloading, fixing, and replacing of parts involved with building my printer, and it took way longer than I would’ve liked to get it up and running. That being said, I’m so very happy to have it working now. Despite all the work to get it up and running, there was still a matter of testing. I had to test a lot of combinations of setting to see which ones worked best for what I needed to do. It was time consuming and nothing short of an arduous task, but at least I’ve got my settings for PLA on lockdown.

I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it was at the beginning, how many times prints failed because of many little issues here and there. But there were times I just wanted to give up on it until I got motivation to start another day, but on I went.

At least the parts were packed nicely and organized!

Finished printer is finished!

A lot of helped came from the interwebs by people that have owned the machine and created files and fixes for it. If it wasn’t for Paco and Jon I probably would still be stuck with a printer that would only print correctly twenty percent of the time. Thanks guys!

This failed 3-D print had the nerve to ask me for tree fiddy!

Now that I got the printer running, I had to design stuff to print. Now this was among the beat parts of the process. There were some moments that could’ve just caused me to explode, but I’m still here, so I made it through in one piece. I designed some cool stuff for the team and created some replacement parts for some of our guns that were hard or impossible to find such as the g36c feed lips by GHK/UHC.

Custom 1911 team grips for Gem, Bio, Hazard, and Punch. cough Me

Needless to say, prints have gotten a lot better!

Things are going nicely, and can only continue to get better. It’ll be exciting to see what kind of new things we churn out next, so keep an eye out, and we’ll keep our minds open!

Have a great night my friends!


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