Why Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive So Popular?

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"They're gonna wish they were never born.", "Watch out! These boys have got a bit of an arsenal and they don't mind using it!", "Pull yourself together, son!" and still if these quotes do not ring a bell, let me guess, you are not much of a gamer, and if it does, you guys, like me, must already have imagined and recalled almost all of your "Bingo, bango, bongo, bish, bash, bosh" or "That was a storm" moments, and guessed (or seen from the title), that I am talking about the famous, multiplayer first-person shooter video game CS:GO. The excitement that I felt during different missions, while defusing bombs, after killing terrorists or counter-terrorists, and if I'd win the game I'd just go mad (just kidding), but the euphoria, I have no words to describe it.

CS:GO the fourth in the CS series. In the game, I get to play either as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist both of which are a lot of fun to play. Terrorists usually have to plant the bomb, eliminate the counter-terrorists, take hostages along with a separate set of objectives, whereas the counter-terrorists have to either diffuse the bomb, prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb, rescue the hostages, along with their fair share of separate objectives and of course to eliminate the terrorists.

In the recent years, CS:GO has created quite a buzz, and a large population is already enjoying playing the video game, in other words, the game has gained a lot of popularity over time and is expected to continue to do. For a game to gain such fame and popularity, the developers have to know exactly what the user would like, the type of map, number of maps, type of game modes, best control for the user the list is endless, so,  hats off to the developers for creating a game of the very best quality. The game provides matchmaking support through which I can play on Valve servers and if I happen to be a member of the community I get to play the game on my own server with custom maps as well as game modes, just think how cool is that, also the game offers me with a variety of choices in the game mode, there are 8 game modes, sick right? Now if you offer someone with these many choices, with awesome maps and so many game modes, I just don't know how they won't like it, to be honest, I love it.

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The developers also ensured that the game doesn't run solely on the firepower, I can also use hand grenades, smoke grenades, flash bang, Molotov cocktails and incendiary grenades, the game also has an option for the purchase of a taser, yes, a TASER. I can also participate in the majors which are third-party organized tournaments which have prize money of about $1,000,000 and now maybe you know the real reason behind the fame of the game, another thing that caught my attention was the skins, and how very often they were updated, the more skins I have the more I'd like to try them out. Bugs where a major concern for the developers, but come CS:GO and you would hardly find a bug in the game, of course, there are some bugs but not everything is perfect and the developers are trying their best to perfect the game and so I continue playing the game just to see what would have happened if a certain bug was not there, and the process continues. Another factor which makes CS:GO so popular is that once I die I will be re-spawned within a few seconds, which usually does not happen in a lot of such games, in which if I die I will have to wait for the game to complete and then join the next one, the logic is simple, the more I get to play a game, the more I will end up playing it, nobody really likes to wait these days, do they?

In the past few years CS:GO has proven to be the best of its kind, with its users increasing continuously, and if the present scenario continues, the CS:GO folks are only likely to increase, in my opinion, the game got what it deserved, as it is one of those few games which gained popularity not because it was popular but because it has the potential to be the best.

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