Gods Unchained - After Weekend Grind


Tune in and lets have some "fun" (khm) until this stupid cards become activated, finally.

Oh my gosh, its so irritating asf to face players with 5 legendaries every fucking game, and try to rush them with my low drop core cards 🤷‍♀️

Oh well, whatever... we still positive and still Top 100 in the world so its alright lol

But I can't wait to take Destroyer (khm Steeminator) off the throne

It will go hand to hand with my new PC so I can steal the title of GU King from him and maybe take his streamers away?

Lmaooo... wtf am I even talking about? Jk Steemie

Sadly no beneficiary for TeamOCD as Steempeak won't work for me rn

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